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Have you thought about investing in a foreclosure in Grants Pass? Well, you might want to reconsider when you see the disasters that may be waiting for you. But then again ,foreclosures can be a great opportunity if you take some precautionary tactics.1. Undisclosed damage - A home that is foreclosed on can tend to be a little messed up with a bit of cosmetic damage. That isn't a matter. The substantial concern is when you start working on minor upgrades and then you see bigger problems. Structural or electrical troubles are what you want to look for. Hedge your bet when purchasing a foreclosure by getting a home inspection. These experts will discover things you will probably overlook. It will be the best $400 to $500 you spend, because they will uncover all the concerns for you.2. Obtaining a loan is difficult - Lenders do not like lending on homes that are not in livable condition. They need all the issues to be fixed prior to they lend any money. The risk you need to be concerned with is investing your money on examinations or even improvements and having the transaction fall apart as a result of house condition. Cash wisely spent, but a loss, none-the-less.This may be resolved by being aware of the lending problems beforehand. This may include: Applying for a renovation mortgage loan, paying cash for the home, or fixing the residence before you buy it. If your negotiating skills are superb, you may get the bank to do the improvements, but I wouldn't count on it.3. The property is sold as is - Which indicates that any problems are yours and not the sellers. The lenders, because they didn't personally own the real estate, aren't required to reveal concerns. They simply do not comprehend what they are. So anticipate to contract with any difficulties with no recourse to the owner.So long as you are ready for this, you will be okay. Doing a comprehensive home inspection is probably the best way to be prepared for any possible considerations. Do not try to save a few hundred dollars by skipping this step. It is mentioned twice because it's very important.Now that I have likely disheartened you from investing in a foreclosure, think again. There are great deals out there, you just definitely have to look out for yourself. Understanding the problems beforehand can help save you thousands of dollars making the difference between obtaining a bad contract or a great deal.David Prulhiere is a housing professional that has committed his profession to helping Oregonians buy local real estate property. He has extensive know-how in both the lending together with the sales aspect of real estate investment matters, which will help you get the optimum deal with the least complications.grants pass foreclosures