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The lions of Kenya are commonly known as the Kings of the Jungle. When you look at the grace they walk and hunt with, you are left with know doubt that they truly rule the jungle. What they cannot get using strength; they achieve it through wits and team work. You will find them bringing down a full grown buffalo ten, twenty times more stronger and fierce than they are. This is an incredible scene. The females are the once who dominate any hunt. The Lions of Kenya live in prides of even twenty lions. This group includes up to three males, several females and their young ones. The group normally occupies a region and it is hard to find two prides sharing the same space. Once the young males get of age, they normally move out of the group and look for other groups to join. This they do by fighting off the dominant male in the group they want to join and killing any small cubs they find there ad siring their own with the females. In a group, you will find that the females are all related. This is because they are usually born and stick to the group. Males on the other hand once they mature move away from the group. The lions of Kenya can be found in virtually every game park in the country. Mostly they occupy the green savanna grasslands where the prey is in plenty. Being carnivores, they can be found where you will see gazelles, zebras, buffaloes, wild beasts and elephants. Best Value for Money: We are the cr��me de la cr��me amongst East Africa's Tour Operators and Travel Agents, yet not your average safari company. Right Choice Safaris is your one stop source for tours across this vast safari destination combining the best accommodation facilities with world-class safari itineraries. Visit for more info.