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Strapping is the process of packaging or tying together different items in order to have a stronger structure. The packaging of an item is an important aspect to consider in businesses which involve moving items to and fro. Objects secured into whole are easier to transport and store. They are also less likely to get damaged during the transport. Hence, delicate cargoes are secured using several kinds of straps to maintain product quality and ensure safety even after an unstable delivery. The kind of items to be bundled affects the people's choice of strap material. Choosing the strap material is also dependent on the condition of the items and the way by which they will be transported. Light items can be bundled by lightweight straps while heavy loads require stronger types of straps. Paper straps are used to secure lightweight and paper-made products. They can be used immediately and be removed quickly. On the other hand, plastic straps are more durable than paper straps. They are used to hold light to medium-weight items. They can also be stretched at a certain point but will eventually break once they exceed their limits. Another type of strap is the polyester strap. They are more durable that paper and plastic straps, and almost of similar quality to a stainless steel band. They can hold medium-weight to heavy-weight items to a certain degree of weight; but they are relatively more expensive than plastic ones. Nylons are one of the best straps, with its strength and durability exceeding that of a polyester straps and essentially similar to that of a stainless steel band. They resist creeps and expansion compared to plastic, which is why industries located in areas with frequent temperature changes prefer to use them. However, nylon straps are expensive; keeping it from being popular on the regular consumer market. The strongest type of band or strap on the market today is still the steel straps. They are also considered the oldest method used in bundling materials especially in industrial and construction fields. government steel strapping bands have the highest tensile strength and durability among all other variants. They have specific strength that is customizable through adjusting the quality and grade of metal used. These materials cannot be practically stretched, which enables them to have a better grip of the bundled items.