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Avid represents the Avid Pro Tools 9 Student, a futuristic change in the recording industry. Avid has conveyed a pioneering evolution of the most popular music progression and audio production solution. Leveraging the subsequent-generation structural design, Pro Tools version 9 recommends customers the extraordinary choice to toil with Avid audio crossing points, the third-party audio boundaries, or hardly any hardware at all during the usage of built-in audio means belonging to Mac or PC with Core Audio/ASIO driver support. This first and foremost software is the only option for Pro Tools provides the most open, stretchy and richly characteristic version in history, while also providing top professional attributes according to customer's appeal like Automatic Delay Compensation. To further add, new-fangled support pro the Avid EUCON, the open internet protocol now enables customers to expand control surface options to include Avid's Artist Series and Pro Series audio consoles and controllers known as Euphonix consoles and controllers in the past Avid Pro Tools 9 Student allows to be more creative by delivering new professional qualities which used to require additional toolkits, including the ability to develop larger, more complex projects with 96 mono or stereo voices standard, 256 internal busses, and 160 aux tracks, multi-track Beat Detective, full Import Session Data functionality, DigiBase Pro, Timecode ruler and much more. Avid Pro Tools 9 Student has a completely overhauled input-output settings configuration. Using Avid Pro Tools 9 Student, it's now become easier than ever to collaborate with colleagues and friends using other DAW and video software. Pro Tools 9 now includes OMF, AAF and MXF importing and exporting, formerly the additional feature. In order to manufacture Pro Tools 9 an even better choice for post production, Avid packed in Time Code support completed with Feet and Frames rulers. In addition, Avid Pro Tools 9 Student includes a built-in MP3 export feature, and Pro Tools is more conducive to venture collaboration and file sharing/exporting than ever before. Avid Pro Tools 9 Student is also inclusive of the so-called "more" aspect. This is the feature instilled by Avid into the traditional Pro Tools framework. Rounding out the list of exciting new features in Pro Tools 9 is Adjustable Stereo Pan Depth. One can tread outside of archetypal Left/Right panning and give tracks a sense of depth and space. This is quite helpful in opening up the mixes and defining a hum that becomes own. For more info: Author is an executive with Studica to provide you particular types of pro tools software for editing, composing and mixing tracks etc. Her hobbies are writing and reading. For the guidelines on Avid Pro tools 9 student visit the website Avid Pro tools 9 student