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The growth of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry has made a significant impact in the lives of some. Because of the promising compensation and benefits in call centers, there are people who change career paths to become customer care agents. They leave their job that pays significantly lower than BPO firms, venturing into the realm of customer relations. What is the job of a call center agent? Call center agents respond to customer inquiries over the phone, through email, or over fax machines. They monitor communication lines for any incoming call from customers of their client companies. They also engage in telemarketing by making outbound calls to market the company's products and services to potential buyers. All of these seem easy and uncomplicated to do. However, some call center agents say working in such an environment requires a lot of effort, patience, and determination. One won't be able to stand the demands of work without the passion and willingness to do so. You need to love your work, however intoxicating and stressful it is, in order to accomplish your tasks every day. Moreover, most call center agents say working as such disrupts normal body functions. Shifting work schedules affect sleeping habits and diet. For instance, those in the night shift team need to reverse their body clock to keep awake at night and sleep in the morning. They also need to learn how to eat breakfast in the evening and eat dinner after their work shift at noontime. These irregularities can cause sleeping and eating disorders. Aside from these, call center agents are prone to eye problems because of their extreme exposure to the glare of computer monitors. Blurry eyesight is a common problem among them. In the same way, they are susceptible to ear ailments due to long hours of wearing headphones and earphones. Studies show that call center agents are susceptible to negative effects from stress, anxiety, and burnout. Work demands and irregular schedules cause tension for some. However, a great number of them choose to stay in their companies because of the high salary and excellent benefits for employees.