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The earthquake makes the terminal demand low, and it also influences the supply chain of the NB market. The second generation factory's shipment has so many uncertainties. Although the demand can delay to the second half of this year, the NB market will be impacted directly by the tablet computer. Therefore, the predication of NB's shipment has been reduced to 208 million sets. The yearly growth rate is 7.3%. The shipment of netbook will be 25 million in the year of 2011, and the annul reduction rate is twenty-five percent. In the aspect of tablet computer, its shipment will be 39.5 million sets, and the annul growth rate is 152.4%. Looking forward 2011, the personal computer will continue to grow because of the tablet computers and the other new devices. The ratio taken by new emerging market is increasing, which will bring change to the original industry. DRAMeXchange maintains that the development of personal computer industry is mature. The demand from the new emerging market is the main driving force. The price of "all in one" machine is different from TD, so its contribution to the TD shipment is limited. Its function will be obvious between 2012 and 2013. Two effects of the tablet computer, namely substituting effect and budget effect, oppressed the NB market, so the driving force is not as strong as before. All in all, the tablet computer's erosion effect is very important. If the little laptop computer and tablet computer are taken in the NB market, its yearly growth rate will be 31.2%. It is estimated that the shipment of mobile personal computer will be 247.5 million set, and the yearly growth rate is 18.1%. The entire mobile PC market has taken the primary growth rate, which brings the new driving force and opportunities for the personal computer industry. The related integrated circuit is M67706U.