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Browsing video files or media files can give you some problems and every problem will have some solutions. One of the solutions for the error COM Surrogate has stopped working is not easy to find but it is neither difficult too. The answer to this can be found in the net itself. One of the websites gives you the solution for this. The first point you should understand is why this error occurred. Actually it will be seen to occur whenever you may try to install software that are not compatible with the advanced version of the OS like Vista. Mostly the software like DivX and Nero are not always Vista-compatible. Then there is a possibility of the error COM Surrogate has stopped working to be flashed on your screen. To find the solution to this you can browse the net. You should notice which software caused the problem in the first place. The solution too depends on this. One of them is that the software you want to install should be upgraded to the latest version that is compatible with the Vista OS. Sometimes the software you want to install is the latest version and yet the error message as shown above is seen. Then the software needs to be renamed. If it is done in most cases the solution is found or you can solve this problem with ease. Another solution is that is recommended by experts is to install Vista Codec Package. This way all the codec will be updated to the correct versions. But you should be careful when you install any some unknown components thus creating a point of restore. If you want to disable any of the codec from the system the MMCompView software will be really useful. It will help in troubleshooting which component is the real culprit in causing the said problem with correctness. There may be other solutions to this problem and any one of these ought to work in rectifying your problem though not easily but after facing some hassles and trial and error method. You can try out as many options and try them until you get a solution. Of course it may take time but you will surely succeed in your attempt of trying to find a solution to your problem. It is said that trying hard without giving up will surely make you successful. So in this case too by trying out all the options you are sure to find the solution to the problem COM Surrogate has stopped working. About Author: Chris enjoys writing articles on topics like Com Surrogate Has Stopped Working and how to turn off system restore. Visit to read more detail.