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Chinese cultural spirit, pay special attention to people and natural harmony mutually close, castles can reflect the characteristics are.Days, to the mighty non-polar in vast endless nature, people and unrest in their own limited full, and requirements and heaven and earth exchanges, get a spiritual sublimation of experience.The goddess, YuRen, fly fairy is shown this pursuit of the myth fantasy, LouTai view pavilions is the embodiment of the reality.So China ancient buildings in and Europe in mental outlook has obvious different: the latter on brick stone made, not only open the Windows, outside the buildings inside without corridor, isolation, emphasizing the vertical fairly pointed to the earth shape, seem to lean disdain, revealed people and the natural barriers. China is quite open in space building outside, inside the building around each layer infiltration, circulation, for people to board a corridor across;The horizontal layers of eaves, around the corridors and bar each layer, greatly abate the dry overall vertical upward rising high figure blindly, make we review aixs earth;Concave curve of the roofing, become warped bending stiffness of the modelling of corner avoid cold and gracefully inlay in nature, as if also became a part of heaven and earth, the body person to nature infinite yearn.There are many poems of bright expressed it in the humanities spirit, such as "daytime according to the mountain, Yellow River enters the current; stairs., further upward."It recognizes the poet terengganu floor far view and cleansed, mind, bath the true feelings between heaven and earth.Quite rich artistic conception from various floor name, also visible out this layer of meaning, like the wanghailou, see mountain building, watching the clouds building, YanYu floor on building, building, the wind JiangGe absorption, LingYunGe, Amanda, meet sunsets cabinet, etc. Are all ge History of the buddhist temple palace outside except castles, yanagi muneyoshi owner who has to swim view architecture mostly built in nature, more land or garden scenery beautiful wins in the jiangnan, such as famous yellow crane tower, three outstanding tengwang pavilion, yueyang tower, etc.In urban river site often edge onto the lake area, facilitate or looking closely related with city, unsuited "have to view", scale and modelling are carefully conception, architecture and nature harmonious echo.Castles in itself also added a natural beauty, be the object, called "ornamental into view". yueyang
Yueyang dongting lake in hunan yueyang, said to The Three Kingdoms west when here have since tang dynasty poetry parade floor, more quickly, such as li bai: "floor view as dongting, sichuan yueyang to open", du fu: "yesterday, today in dongting water smell yueyang tower", etc.The song dynasty, fan4 zhong4 yan had rebuilt yueyang record ", writes the yueyang tower proclaimed world. Name moreOnly from existing southern song yueyang LveJianYiBan yueyang tower figure can be.Existing yueyang rebuilt in the late qing five years (1879), in yueyang xicheng wall, sit facing east to west, JunShan dongting lake, saw from afar.Floor flat rectangular, positive three rooms, three layers around three eaves, corridor, nearly 20 meters, connects tall.Housetop is four slope helmet, roofing protruding sunken, on for China's largest existent helmet building, the yellow glazed tile, wing angles high become warped.We both sides with floor product word about tied for, there are three drunken pavilion and fairy MeiTing as setoff. Yellow crane tower
Yellow crane tower in hubei changjiang nanan, wuchang generation also was founded in three kingdoms, tang beginning when filling, this major reputation from poets who CuiHao "yesterday, here already take HuangHe yellow crane tower" spare verses.Song paint the yellow crane tower graphs "portrays the face of song floor.Figure on the yellow crane tower built in a city, the trees, wide recalled.The central building two layers, layers, planar square around the house before stretch, covered with flats interlinked.All the roof is strewn at random, wing angles, the momentum of the magnificent rocky.After the song dynasty, the yellow crane tower have repeatedly destroyed repeatedly constructs, clear stagnation seven years (1868) reconstruction, but only exists for more than ten years.Only now leave when floor appearance photos, has not CongJian gantrywhileworking paintings in the song dynasty, and buildings, live on in central plane take over for discount askew, planar Angle cross, appearance three layers, internal senseway six layers.Next, of two eaves have 12 high qiaoqi corner, total high of 32 meters. Tower sinicization of Beijing wonderful should temple monastery
China has a similar, bodily form with castles in more than castles in high, called "tower" buddhist remember sexual or landmark buildings. Tower's prototype and religious meaning from India to in the Indian original intention is tomb, bury the bones of sakyamuni, go to China, and its meanings are expanding. Tower of the practical function limit by is not big, form is more freedom, also be more funds or by believers built national and local funding, often not hesitate heavy gold ishi pious way is very diverse, structure, so the style is very rich, is the present the minds freely roam the place, become an important Chinese architectural art types.China stupa in type and dense in coping with type primarily, are the prototype and China Indian tower of a large presence in han dynasty has created. For taking tours of Beijing and China, please visit beijing tour for details.