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There are many people like red sandalwood, the first time I had a friend buy a number of red sandalwood furniture, the furniture in his mostly black rosewood that Romer made. He is a very careful person, I suggest it to see for themselves the production base, and he really take the time to turn a few, the last from Henry ordered a few dollars. His experience is that I like rosewood, but I bought, you tell me this is Romer black rosewood, heart Huo Liang, and naturally also happy to accept, after a good layout around the house, that is, the feeling of red sandalwood, preferences did not reduced, nor is it self-deception, with the savings you can put them into real rosewood furniture, rosewood furniture, anyway, the same black Romer will not be devalued, not to mention it is also called the "big leaf sandalwood." Do live off, like red sandalwood, even temporarily can not have, as long as it has a thick atmosphere, a real character, we will close the distance from its close. There was a train station to say the front door, I am afraid that many young people do not know. In fact, this is not far from now, fifty years ago, people were taking the train at the front door, where there is now a railway ticket yet. Front door of the train station was built in 1906, called "Beijing Feng Zhengyangmen East Railway Station", it has used "front door station", "Beijing Railway Station," "Peking Station", "Peiping East Station" and station name . From the Qing Dynasty to the founding of new China, the front door of Beijing Railway Station has been the largest railway station. Beijing Railway Station in 1958 and put into use new, the front door will be changed to the Beijing Railway station staff club. In 1984, the second line of Beijing Metro completed the victory, the front door had its subway station. Same two tracks, from the ground moved underground. Same train, the coal into the locomotive electric locomotive, earth-shaking changes in the experience of nearly one hundred years. Disappeared nearly 40 years served in big bowls is back! July 10, four tea bowls benefit Building Materials City, formally opened, square tables, long benches, thick bowl, large leaf tea, old Beijing waiter with cries to attract customers, pregnant with hundreds of cries of "crying real" chair sits ... ... all the memories of people in recovery served in big bowls. Mr. Shu Yi praised the tea bowl, apart from that, served in big bowls is a "special Beijing" thing, which bears Capital Taste and cultural taste, you should take good care of this rich spiritual wealth. Long-term creation of tea bowl, so that the public re-experience the feeling of old Beijing. July 10, bowl tea appeared, authentic furnishings to consumers and in the past attracted many people: "This is not to the TV series, you?" People in the west of the entrance building to see four benefits, where a platform to Chapeng, which placed two square table, next to a long bench filled with people, many people concentrate on holding a large bowl tea with one laid-back. Chapeng lying on the side of the table is only filled a dozen large crude tea bowl, a piece of glass was used. "Our old Beijing is served in big bowls of this 'game child', not high places, take a curtain, a table, several benches, a few Cuci bowl on the line, not to mention it was almost like ornaments! We This tea is also not affected, put that child to drink large bowl stretch the net! "to the tea of the" old Beijing "speaking clearly and logically. It is understood that served in big bowls of old Beijing are mostly open in the Cheng Gen, Guan Temple, City of doors down, etc., the price of 2 cents a bowl suitable for ordinary people, but with the market economy has disappeared. Beijing Sun Dong An Plaza Shopping Centre, now only a layer of, Lao She Teahouse, Wuyutai several tea shops, etc. have "served in big bowls" sell, but these "Taiwan Cha" very high artistic taste of props, regardless of tea, tea, or tea house prices atmosphere, could not find white shed served in big bowls, coarse bowl, large leaf tea that rough "game children." An "old Beijing", said: "In the past big-leaf tea is served in big bowls, top good, but is 'high end', tea carts are driven, driven feet, pull the camel, a small trading the poor, served in big bowls is also selling the poor, the money you give a little, no money to go drinking, which also reveal Beijing's bright, honest and kind. " For taking tours of Beijing and China, please visit beijing travel for details. For taking tours of Beijing and China, please check beijing tour for details.