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What opportunities does the online University of Phoenix Campus provide with? The University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 and considered to be the oldest and doubtless the most prosperous online university. It caught on among the students, who can't underestimate the convenience of online study services. The University of Phoenix campus had kept its appearence by current times. You will be fascinated by its unique architecture. It also had saved its bricks and mortar roots. The curriculum of university is based on three educational modules. There is ground, Flexnet and Online. Students, who use the ground or Flexnet, have to attend classes at one of the departments of Phoenix university situated throughout the United States of America, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. It numbers for about 170 brick and mortar campuses, which more than 100,000 students visit personally and over a half of universities students serve online by means of internet. Actually, the campuses located in industrial parks. It may seem strangely, because you associate a college life with picturesque views in university's yards. While industrial parks are not credible at all. That's why ordinary Phoenix campuses look very poor. Their location in large depends on population density and approachability. Also it is worth mentioning that some of the campuses provide you with special degrees. It refers to those types of degrees, which contain elements that can't be translated online. While such subjects like e-Business, a part of the College of Undergraduate Business and Management are provideed in every campus. But the other subjects, for examlpe, Nursing demands a special equipment for practical trainings. Therefore, not each campus has necessary technological facilities. It's often thought that the quality of education and study programs differ in every campus, but the university disputes this opinion and persuades that it worked out a program, which allows to find out that the level of education is identical in every of 170 campuses. But the facts tell the other. On the one hand, Texas campuses are remarkable for its education in health thanks to the highly qualified teachers. But on the other hand, students of Phoenix University located in New York insist on the fact that the quality of their education is much higher comparatively with the experiences of other students getting their degrees all over the United States.