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One of the coolest things to visit Australia is how to mix it all together for an eclectic experience. Melbourne is no exception, as it is an area that is a mix of old and new, a city devastated outlying areas that make you feel like you have entered a new world, when really all they have done is driven a few miles down the road. Australia is unique from other regions of the world, as have most of its population in cities and regions of the earth that have been barely touched by man. A mix of old and new, domesticated and wild, you will find that Australia is everything you want from a holiday destination, no matter who you are and what they want. Within the city of Melbourne itself you will find that there are many different experiences and pieces of history throughout and if you really want to experience all that Melbourne has to offer you really need to take advantage of the history that is contained within many of the area's fine dining establishments. There are many restaurants within the region that are housed in historical buildings and can be a great way to spend an evening just appreciating the historical significance of this fine region. Dining at the Hotel Windsor is a lovely way to let the history of the region to fill your soul. Whether you're in a afternoon tea or leave for lunch or dinner that will realize that Windsor is a place of true elegance and history. Since this is a hotel, so maybe I just want to hang your hat here for a few days and enjoy the magical feeling of this complex structure. The Victoria Hotel in Melbourne is another one of this cities more elegant structures with a history that seeps from the walls of this historic landmark. Dining is available within this hotel but tends to be much less formal at Alice 's Restaurant then at the Windsor Hotel but still there is good food at this establishment which lends itself to the history of the region as well. A trip to Melbourne should definitely include the verification of some of the benchmarks in the areas incredible historical significance. While there are many new attractions Melbourne along some of the best experiences are those that take place within the walls of historic buildings like the Hotel Windsor and Victoria. Both structures lend charming tourists to come alone and take a look. If you're looking into Melbourne Travel visit the internet Melbourne Info Centre at