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One of the most things that car buyers look upon when buying a brand new vehicle is fuel efficiency. Most buyers nowadays are after not only for vehicles with flashy looks, powerful engines, and larger space but also for cars with excellent fuel-economy. The main reason for this trend is probably the continuous increase on prices of gasoline which is used as fuel for these cars. In case you want to find cars for sale that are fuel-efficient and is presently conducting your own car research, the vehicles below might not be among your top choices. 1. Bugatti Veyron, Bentley Continental, and Bentley Mulsanne These cars were actually created with very powerful engines that propel the vehicles into speeds that exceed 200 miles per hour. In order to deliver the speed output, these were equipped with larger engines that consume more fuel compared to other cars. The Bugatti Veyron for example is equipped with an 8liter 16 cylinder engine capable of producing a power output of about 1,001 horsepower. Due to this, the Bugatti can reach a maximum speed of about 265 mph. However, its mpg rating was estimated to be around 15 mpg which makes this car one of the least fuel-efficient vehicle on the road right now. In addition to this, the Bugatti is also dubbed as one of the dirtiest vehicle in terms of gas emissions. 2. Chevrolet Suburban K2500, GMC Yukon XL K2500, and GMC Sierra K2500 These vehicles were basically created to perform works that require power. Thus, they are expected to consume more fuel compared to any other vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with 6liters V8 engines capable of producing a power output of about 350 horsepower and tow up to 10,000 pounds of cargo. Given their larger engines and heavy works, these vehicles consume more fuel compared to other vehicles usually purchased by car buyers through auto loans or in straight cash.
3. Ford F-250, Ford F-150, and Ford Expedition Although Ford has recently implemented plans to create cars with lesser and cleaner gas emissions, their vehicles such as the F-250, F-150, and Expedition still remains to be among the least fuel-efficient vehicle models. As a matter of fact, these were equipped with larger engines. The SUVs are usually powered by 5.4liters V8 engines while the pickups have 6.2liters V8 engines.