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One focus of Aurora Biomed is to provide users with an elemental analyzer that fits their application and needs concerning requirements in elemental analysis. With stellar performance, ground-breaking designs, features of convenience in use and adaptability, Aurora Biomed has the right elemental analyzer. Added is its detection capability of trace elements that ranges from parts per million (ppm) to parts per trillion (ppt). The elemental analyzer of Aurora Biomed is tailored to perfectly go well with varied elemental analysis needs. What is Elemental Analysis? An elemental analyzer is needed in the process of elemental analysis wherein a sample of a matter like chemical compounds, soil, bodily fluids, drinking or waste water, and minerals is examined to attain better understanding of its composition, both chemical and elemental, and structure. This branch of study is called analytical chemistry. Different Kinds of Elemental Analyzers Aurora Biomed has provided four kinds of elemental analyzers namely: Spectrophotometers Spectrophotometers, used in spectrophotometry, are photometers that measure light intensity as part of color and as wavelength. Both Utraviolet-Visible 230 and Visible 130 Spectrophotometers are simple to operate and high-reproducing thus, making them worth the buy. They are known to provide high resolution and exceptional flexibility. For hard prints, both have standard printer ports and derail ports (RS-232). They come with multipurpose selection of accessories; a defense against power disturbance; uncomplicated display ideal for water analysis, educational use and quality control; and can analyze a maximum of four cells. The UV-Vis 230 is equipped with a bandwidth of 5nm and a 190-1100nm wavelength range while the Vis 130 has 2nm bandwidth and 320-1100nm wavelength range. Trace 800 Spectrometer for Absorption of Atoms An added collection of spectrometers of Aurora Biomed, which is built with quality at an affordable price, is Trace 800. Every process it is designed to perform is highly mechanized - from peak searching, test procedures, processing of data, ignition, safety monitoring, to data collection measurement. Some of its noted features are automatic switch six lamp turret, single or double switchable electronic beam optics, N2O and air auto-switch, ignition auto-flame, burner head made of titanium alloy, nebulizer chamber made of Solid Teflon, anti-vibration and closed-suspending optic system, full safety and self-reverse correction features, auto-sampler (universal XYZ), and a footprint dimension of 854 x 500 x 480 mm. Transform Series for Preparation of Samples An elemental analyzer that's perfect for clinical, environmental, petrochemical, agricultural, geochemistry and nutrition applications, these Transform Series provide solutions that are cost effective, simple, fast and secure sample preparation. They are closed-vessel, top-loading microwave digestion systems that are capable of enhancing the quality of digestion minimizing digestion time. Transform 680 has 6 closed-vessels of high-pressure that are capable of running instantaneously while Transform 800 has 10. With these vessels, even the toughest samples digest quickly using a fully automated temperature control and power. Lumina 3300 Spectrometer for Atomic Fluorescence Ideal for petrochemical, clinical, disease control and environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural and food safety, metallurgical and geological, and new regulations applications, the Lumina 3300 elemental analyzer offers solutions for analysis of elements particularly detecting sub-traces of elements forming hydride like Lead, Mercury, Germanium, Arsenic, Tin, Cadmium, Antimony, Bismuth, Tellerium, Zinc, and Selenium. Some of its noted features are optical design with cover, instantaneous measurement with double channel, 103 dynamic range linearity, auto-flame ignition (Ar-H2), hydride generator, liquid and gas separator, based on user-friendly software (Windows), and an optional XYZ auto-sampler to name a few. These are the four Elemental Analyzers manufactured by Aurora Biomed and made available to the public. With their drive to provide top of the line tools and devices, Aurora Biomed elemental analyzers are indeed worth the investment.