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As you flip through the magazines while waiting in line at the grocery store, you'll constantly see and read about new skin care and beauty products. Even though there are many choices, not every product is right for you. Finding the appropriate products which will provide you with real, visible benefits may be a difficult task. At Skin Perfect Medical, a conscious effort is made to evaluate both the safety and efficacy of any new products offered to our clients. Assessments are made by trained estheticians and medical staff as to a product's ability to provide the client with benefits to their skin which is specific to their needs. One newest medical skin care product now offered by Skin Perfect Medical is a line of Cosmoceuticals called Prescribed Solutions - Customized Skincare. This medical grade line of skin care has it all! Cleansers, toners, various serums, moisturizers, the newest in full spectrum sunblocks, and skin renewal treatments. What is different about this line of medical grade skin products? Each product can be personalized with a provider's prescription! If the client has specific skin issues (oiliness, dryness, redness, fine lines, pigmentation etc.), a specific type of "booster" is prescribed, and then added to the product, ie., cleanser, serum, moisturizer. There are over 40 product combinations to find the most effective skin care products for everybody, ranging from acne care, body firming, skin hydrating and lightening´┐Ż´┐Żsomething for every type of skin issue. Another new product line to arrive is NeoCutis. This line of high end, high quality skin care carries with it the newest technology utilizing human growth factors enabling skin regeneration, skin tightening, increased skin density, and visible decrease in the fine lines and wrinkles. Any skin which has been exposed to the elements needs protection, hydration, and regeneration. These highly specialized products developed in Switzerland is a physician only based line. Anyone for long, lush, eyelashes? Say goodbye to lash extensions, fake lashes and thick clumpy mascara! The specialized ingredient in the Athena Lash Conditioner is more concentrated than the amount found in the familiar "Revitalash" product. By simply placing this eyeliner style serum on your lash-line daily a noticeable improvement will be seen within 4-6 weeks! Lashes are noticeable longer and thicker, just ask all our staff at Skin Perfect! (they use it). Just as your body needs daily nutrition, your skin also needs daily essential nutrients to keep it looking its best. Skin Perfect Medical offer medical grade skin care products that are designed to give visible lasting results.