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Dry cleaning is a process used to clean clothing and other textiles. Non water chemicals known as perchloroethylenes are used over water and special fabrics and delicate items are typically laundered in this way as opposed to washing them by hand.This particular process of washing fabrics can be followed back to the primitive Romans. They utilized pee-derived ammonia and unique clay to launder their delicate wool pieces. Laundromats were started in each town and city and soon became some of the country's most successful businesses. These early dry cleaners earned so much money from the collection of local animal pee that their city's eventually started taxing them. Eventually, the practices and solvents used in the process changed for the better. A store owner in the eighteen hundreds found that clothes that had been soaked with gasoline came out cleaner and over time, less flammable chemicals were used.Generally, the cleaning of the clothes take place in facilities that are separate from where patrons drop them off. The chemicals are likely to cause health problems when they are inhaled and are flammable so there is a need to keep them away from the customers.Modern dry cleaning machines tend to resemble regular household washing and drying machines. The items feature large horizontal chambers which are able to separately contain the clothes and the chemical solvents. The outer chamber is partially filled with perchloroethylene and then rotates in order to agitate the articles of clothing. During much of the act, a warm and consistent stream of air is circulated through the machine.The dry solvent is pushed through the chamber of clothes and then filtered back out so that it can be used again for a different cycle. A typical wash lasts between eight and twenty minutes and afterwards the clothes are carefully pressed so that they look new.For your fine garments, dry cleaning in West End locations is easy to find. You can take dry cleaning in Paddington to professionals who know how to keep garments looking great.