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Click here to view all news photos Date of birth: August 1957 Birthplace: Shandong Muping Hisense Group Title: Chairman School: Shandong University, Department of Electronics 25 years of age into the workshop, starting from the head of the dry, through trial and error management system, 17 years after the Hisense Group, China's home appliance industry, an indispensable force, and continue to advance Overseas markets He is chairman of Hisense Group?? A motion 48-year-old sitting in the huge Desk After he called the "Commercial biggest names in children," the chairman of Hisense Group, appears to be so kind to healthy people as the name implies. Director from head to 1982 years, graduated from Shandong University, Department of Radio A motion to enter the Qingdao TV Factory (Hisense former) work. A motion on 25-year-old walked into a shop, and soon, A motion to become head of workshop technology, regardless of size, can be considered a Leadership . Leader in doing the work, A motion seriously everything. He said: "I have the power of bonuses, but certainly not to pursue the averaging. Prior to his release based on bonuses for everyone, when in the hair, make it clear why some more? Why do some people less? These decisions are based on This is the basis for management. "visible, Since that time, A motion will have begun to explore management system. For one year, the A motion was transferred to the Technology Section. As a general technical staff, A motion on the whole plant almost solved the problem of new product technology challenges, Zhou Houjian that time, she's idea is to solve the problem! Inquisitive, love to solve the problem of A motion by the leadership of attention, rapidly transferred from the Technology Section of the Design Department, was promoted to Deputy Chief. Deputy Chief's position after only two years, Zhou Houjian ushered in his third upgrade?? Assistant manager. 1988, A motion by chance listening to directors and managers of Qingdao curriculum classes. The big shock of his course, he first heard Investment Management, technology management, production management, the first time that management should be used in many mathematical models, for the first time recognized that management is a science. A motion suddenly realized that if you want to improve themselves, to learn too many things! Thus, all the time, began to pay close attention to complement these new management knowledge. Investment Business management , Resource Management ... ... A motion eagerly learn the management of knowledge, and be actively applied to the work. Who understand the technology but also understands the management of A motion, in the workplace is a pleasant journey: first promoted to deputy director and later promoted to deputy director in 1992, A motion as Qingdao TV Factory director. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as China big button universal remote control , big button tv remote control for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits pc multimedia remote.