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Preventive maintenance refers to providing and servicing of facilities and equipments for it to achieve a satisfactory working condition. It consists of two words, preventive and maintenance. Preventive means to prevent or to deter and maintenance means to repair or upkeep, together, they suggest that regular repairs and maintenance is needed to prevent serious damage in the facility or product. Its main purpose is to provide a systematic operation, detection and immediate correction of any malfunction before it actually occurs or before it result to greater damage. There are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration that falls under maintenance. It is possible that it may occur at home, or even outside of the home. At home, it may include cleaning of the gutters, re-painting a home, clearing plants, oiling decks, brushing away from one side of the home to another and inspecting the condition of drains and ventilations. All of these activities are designed so that the home can be kept in a good condition and the damages are less likely to happen. Preventive maintenance outside the home is even more necessary. In a world that is highly competitive where the use of machines and equipments is a great edge, it plays a very important role. Because of it, equipment reliability is preserved and enhanced as faulty components are detected before it causes any other serious damage that may result into failure. Checking the equipments, overhauling at specific periods whether it is partial or complete, changing of oil, and lubricating are some of the forms of maintenance. Technology advances in tool inspection and diagnosis are very useful in providing more specific and effective equipment maintenance. Mainly because the idea behind a maintenance program is to prevent all kinds of damages in the equipment before it actually happens. Although the value of preventive maintenance is very apparent, there are still a lot of misconceptions about it, most common of which is that it is expensive. Many times that it has been proved that it is more expensive to constantly repair a damaged product than to maintain it. Although it is real there maintenance really do involve costs, it is nothing compared to the long term benefit that comes along with it. Preventive maintenance is always necessary whether it comes to equipments, machines and even to our own body. It is advisable to always maintain the good working condition of your equipments before you actually end up trying to repair it. As the old saying says, an ounce of prevention, is better than a pound of cure.