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A spectacular country What would you think about a country that occupies a wonderful place on the list of the most visited places in the world? Naturally, what first comes into your mind is that Spain is a beautiful country. Well, you are not at all mistaken! If you want to visit a very beautiful and at the same time interesting travel destination, all you have to do is to book a flight to a Spanish city or village. The question that next arises is how did Spain achieve this? You just have to visit it in order to understand, but after finding out that it has hundreds of places that deserve your interest and dozens of landscapes that will take your breath away as well as a rich historical, architectural and cultural heritage, the answer seems easier for you, doesn't it? Spanish attractions Spain has a little bit to offer to any type of tourist. For example, if you are a fan of delicate beaches, you just have to choose one of the stunning areas like Segovia, Toledo, Salamanca or Andalusia; the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Benidorm, Valencia or Mallorca are other places that you can choose for a seaside holiday. Those tourists who are mad about finding an interesting destination should choose Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada or Cordoba. The Spanish cuisine The traditional Spanish cuisine has become famous all over the world for the simple fact that it is absolutely delicious! You will never get hungry in Spain because there are too many dishes that you have to taste, too many tapas recipes and too many fine restaurants that serve them. The Spanish cuisine distinguishes itself from others with its flavors; you will find an interesting mix of different ingredients that come from the many civilizations that ruled over parts of Spain at a certain time or another in the past. You have to explore this cuisine; if you do not, you will not understand the essence of the country. For example, you are not allowed to miss the wonderful Serrano Jamon, a delicious ham that is usually served raw as the slices are very thin. Why Spain? Spain is a great country to visit! You will feel attracted by its impressive history, by the rich cultural heritage, by its unusual architectural styles, the long list of leisure activities and the relaxed atmosphere that surrounds every small village and every big city. Enjoy! About the author The villa mallorca has been selected for your ideal holiday, so look around in our selection. There is always vakantiehuizen spanje or vakantiehuizen lloret de mar that meets your needs.