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Glass bottles are commonly used for packaging liquids. They are found in various colors, sizes and design. They are the best better way to package liquids that require a certain temperature. Glass bottles are used in packaging of beverages, beer, perfumes and other forms of liquids. Glass has been embraced by many companies as the best way to package liquids. There are various advantages that are related with the use of glass for making bottles. Glass bottles are available in clear, blue, amber, frosted, and green. These varieties are available in the market to increase the wide choice for companies. Glass is delicate and can easily break. This means that care should be observed when handling the bottles. Glass bottles are available in different sizes. The sizes depend on the kind of liquids to be packaged in the bottle. Glass bottles can be found in clear forms which make it easy to view the contents in the bottle. This ensures that customers purchase the correct liquids since they can easily identify the product they are buying. The material used to manufacture glass bottles makes it efficient for storage and packaging of beer. Beer requires a certain temperature under which the alcoholic drink should be stored. This feature can only be found in glass. Glass bottles can be insulated to reduce its level of breakage. This is done in the process of manufacturing. It helps to increase the safety for the bottles therefore making it easy for transportation. Since glass does not absorb scent it is best used for packaging perfumes. It retains the scent in the perfumes therefore giving the perfumes their original scents. Glass bottles can withstand variations in temperature. They cannot shrink during cool temperatures or dilate under hot temperatures. This means that for companies that have braches or outlets in different parts of the continent one type of package bottles can be used. Glass Bottles can be reused. Soft drink and beer bottles can be used whenever you are purchasing the drinks. This makes them friendly to the environment since they can be kept for use at a later date.