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Since the laptops models are changed every now and then, people are becoming more brand conscious. Apart from brands there are a lot of things that a person should take into consideration before getting a laptop. These things include memory, hard disk capacity, and notably the cost which should fit to your budget. One should also be certain that the laptop he intends to buy should fulfill most (if not all) of his requirements. To begin with if the buyer is a student then the size of the laptops should be noted. Though small sized laptops are preferred but they should also be equipped with a great amount of memory. This is because the students have so many work to be saved in the laptop and certain big sized files are downloaded that surely needs space. The small sized laptops enable the students to fit them inside the class room tables. Along with the size, the laptop should not be weightless so that the students do not panic while taking them from one place to another. Since the students are usually teenagers so they often handle their laptops carelessly. The chances are that they may drop frequently. For this reason, they need to look for such laptops that are made using reliable components and that last longer. If the purpose of having a laptop is only taking notes, then it is recommended to buy a tablet which is small in size and portable. If the buyer is a businessman or an office worker and needs to buy a laptop for business scheduling or office work respectively, in that case the focus should be on the excellence of the laptop. You may find a number of cheap and low quality brands in the market. But they all have a major problem in common and that is crash down of system. It is very hard for a person especially a businessman or officer to get the system repaired each time it troubles and most importantly to sacrifice the saved documents. Moreover the significant documents and data cannot be easily entered every time and involves much time. The size of the laptop also matters to the workers as well. The businessman has to travel place to place for business deals and thus need to carry the laptop along. Consequently the laptops must be of low weight and small size. The large sized heavy laptops are also at risk of being filched by the moochers particularly when you are walking in so many people. In a view of the fact that the office workers do not travel much and spend most of their time in office, they can go for the laptops that are slightly big in size. The big laptops are advantageous in a way that they come with big keyboards that allow speedy and easy typing. Furthermore the battery size should be checked before making a purchase as no one likes the laptop getting shut while working and even the low battery sign that starts appearing again and again is a big time teaser. Subsequently it is suggested to buy a laptop with a big sized battery. Protect your laptop with laptop cases for some peace of mind. Also, check out some laptop cases for specific laptop manufacturers, such as Apple laptop cases and Asus laptop cases.