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In many cases, women complain about our lack of tact and attention to them. This aspect may change slowly using just the right phrase at the appropriate time. Every girl dreams of meeting a man sweet and tender, which will express with words what he feels for her. Cheesy? Maybe, but so are they and we must be us if we please them and conquer. Just think of the happiness that she represents those words. But hey, it is understandable that at this point you are wondering, what are those words? So here I present a list of phrases to conquer a woman in a couple of outings together or, to keep love with you. ? (Give a bouquet of roses, including a plastic) "I think I'll love you until every one of those roses die." This phrase can be used to end a date or special occasion to bring him a bouquet of flowers . ? "Yesterday I was looking at the sky and thought about having a star for every reason that makes me crazy, but I ran out of stars." If you plan on going to the movies or dinner, you can take your hands before returning to car and say this phrase. ? "If you stand in front of a mirror with 2 roses in hand, you'll see reflected the 3 most beautiful things in the world." This phrase has the advantage that it can be used at any time, so be sure to apply it. ? "They say a picture says 1000 words, but when I could only see 2 photo: I LOVE YOU" This sentence is also very versatile, you can use the first time you're at home or if you teach any of your photos . ? "My love for you is transitory, but the sands of time have failed to calculate when it will end." This phrase is most useful when you have already entered more than a friendship. ? "I need to know well who I am, for another kiss from you can make me forget my existence." Clearly this sentence is very appropriate for use while after that first kiss. It can also be used later. ? "I am sure that with one hand I can conquer the world, as long as you're holding the other." Like the preceding sentences, this sentence can be used on many occasions, after a date before it, you will see what is the appropriate time. Once you've managed to establish a relationship with that girl you want so much, do not forget to keep a bit of romance into your daily routine. Lest you become one of those men who change their ways once they realize the goal, because they tend to resent this. If you want to learn other techniques and tips that will help supplement these phrases, I recommend you watch the free video you'll find below.
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