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Following the great support 80s of last century TV Industry, the country will once again support the household appliance industry as an industry focus. Following the May 18,19 and household appliances on two related policy?? "Light industrial restructuring and revitalization plan," full and appliances " TM to "Following the launch of the policy succession, followed by 20 Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance on the site," "projects that benefit the energy-saving products" energy efficient room Air conditioning Device to promote the implementation details, "and announced at 21" for launching the "energy-saving products projects that benefit the" notice "issued" efficient financial subsidies to promote energy-saving products Interim Measures. " Learned, Development and Reform Commission expects implementation of the "energy-saving products projects that benefit the" demand pull 4000-5000 billion per year, effectively expanding domestic demand, especially consumer demand, promote the steady and rapid economic development; to increase market share of energy efficient products 10-20 percentage points to 30%, saving 75 billion kwh per year, equivalent to less construction of 15 GWe coal-fired power plant emissions of carbon dioxide 75 million tons, significantly improve the end-use products Energy Efficiency, promote energy conservation. This is undoubtedly in the home appliances to the countryside, trade-in policy, the government and companies to stimulate consumer appliance industry co-singing trio revitalization. According Electronic Video Industry Association statistics, in 2008, China's color TV industry, the output of flat-panel TV breakthrough 43.8 million units, accounting for 37.6% of the total color TV market. At the same time, flat panel TV has become the air-conditioning, Water heater And the refrigerator after the fourth-largest energy-intensive household appliances. According to subsidize energy-saving products will be introduced the New Deal, buy energy efficient appliances available ranging from 300 yuan -850 yuan subsidy, such a conversion, a number of energy efficient products, prices suddenly pulled out a large cut, not only approximation of ordinary products, some even more expensive than ordinary products. This is a challenge to the home appliance business, a new round of home appliance industry "reshuffle" soon to open. 2009, at the new market situation, the flat panel market, competition has increased, new after another, endless promotions. Many companies have long placed on the competitiveness of R & D to promote energy efficient products on the. It is understood that central enterprises Konka Factory to celebrate 21 May as its starting point in the national retail market, to market the county to carry out series of more than around the "energy" theme of promotion, while a new round of home appliances to the countryside with product publicity, Konka will start saving flat panel in the County works to spread the market, the layout in 2009. Reporter found that, since the Konka 80 series on the market, there have been Skyworth, Hisense , Samsung, Sony and other foreign brands have also launched energy-saving flat-panel TV products, and has intensified the situation. "-850 Yuan per 300 yuan subsidy, this is not a decimal." Channel, a home appliance business, said. He said that the average cost higher than the average product cost around 300 yuan, high energy prices in general has been plagued with high energy-efficient appliances for many years, "weakness." Home appliances on the market, energy efficiency ratio for each increase of a level higher than 12 hundred dollars to the selling price on the 67 hundred dollars. Therefore, despite the superior performance, high efficiency energy-saving products, environmental health, has been in China's market share is not high, its market share of 5% -15% only. Analysts believe that there is no price advantage, low energy-efficient products apparently can not sell. Obvious, the state is the policy of forcing companies to use energy-saving way to go, forcing companies to adjust product structure, force energy-intensive products delisting. Policy support for energy efficient appliances for the home appliance markets, we will continue to be concerned about. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as children playground toys , China small playground equipment, safe playground equipment,and more.