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An introduction to studio mixers used by Deejays A studio mixer, as hardware, is primarily a mixing console by Deejay. This electronic device is meant to combine the multiple sources of audio inputs and mix these signals. The mixing is done through various combinations of EQ and channeling among others, to produce either a monophonic or stereo signal in the form of a quality sounding sonic image usually referred as a mix. Deejay studio mixers are used in numerous recording situations including professional studios, PA or sound reinforcement, broadcast stations and for post production in the film industry. New equipments used by Deejays Top recording studios usually include the high end massive consoles as their preferred recording studio mixers. Size does not matter anymore in current times with greatly improved circuit technology and reduced sizes of studio mixers used by Deejay. The ultra compact and portable recording studio mixers are without any compromise in quality. As the Digital Signal Processing technology advances day by day, the ultra compact recording studio mixers used by Deejays are making their presence felt with their affordable price tags yet with superior quality that is usually expected from the high end studio mixers as Musica has changed. With increased connectivity options, including Firewire and USB outlets, promising high speed transfers, these compact Deejay studio mixers are able to interface with computer software, further enhancing their highly sophisticated features. A Deejay studio mixer can also refer to certain software replicating the functions of the electronic hardware, and this software is commonly found in digital audio workstations. The future Although studio mixers used by Deejays can be regarded as a necessity for any recording studio- home or professional, there are some audio engineers who choose to go mixer less as a matter of personal choice or due to the amount of audio equipment available. For other sound engineering enthusiasts, recording studio mixers can meet their needs whether as a budget studio or a more advanced and established studio. which come with only one pair of input outlets and another pair of output outlets. A recording studio mixer then gives these sound engineers more options in channeling the audio signals to achieve the expected level of recorded sound. The better established studio with more audio equipment need the recording studio mixers either to be used as front-end to the audio interface or as the back end. Though some studio mixers can be used interchangeably, not all recording studio mixers function as both. Budget studios require Deejay studio mixers to increase input outlets to record more audio sources rather than having to keep changing cables to the basic soundcards. expected from the high end studio mixers as Musica has changed. With increased connectivity options