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Good hair growth products form the heart of any hair loss treatment. These days, markets are flooded with numerous hair growth products like shampoos, conditioners, serums and therapies. However, there authenticity and effectiveness convey a huge question mark. That said, it is very difficult to determine which among these products are effective as treatments for hair loss. Hence, it is essential to consider certain elements and key features in order to find the right hair loss treatment that is suitable for you. Read these guidelines to help you chose the right hair loss treatment product. In choosing a hair loss product, you need to take note of its ingredients. Try and choose a thinning hair product that is certified and tested by hair experts. An ideal hair growth shampoo must be non toxic and must not have any side effects. Always make sure that your choice of a hair loss formula is FDA approved. You also need to consider the important elements such as copper peptides, carnitine tartrate, amino acids, emu oil as well as the vitamin biotin. Copper peptides has the ability to thicken any thin hair, increase hair follicle size as well as increase cell growth on the scalp when used in the right concentrations. Emu oil is perfect for getting blood and nutrients directly to your follicle roots so that they can produce newer hairs. These are some ingredients to look out for when choosing a shampoo that will help regrow your hair. In addition, you should also pick a hair loss product which has a blend of a natural herbal ingredient. The natural hair loss product aims to provide a natural cure for hair loss. Unlike the synthetic products the natural hair loss product does not advocate the use of strong and harmful chemicals but is constituted of natural ingredients which are soft on the scalp and nourish it in a very gentle manner. Natural hair loss products are developed using natural herbs and are clinically tested to ensure their suitability of use by humans. You also need to consider the application methodology of the hair growth product. For instance, the mode of applying a hair loss shampoo also determines its feasibility for hair. An ideal hair thinning shampoo would always have a different application methodology for different types of hair. This may include normal hair, dry hair, oily hair and more. Furthermore, when looking for the best hair loss shampoo for hair loss it is important to ensure you choose a product which does not contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate). SLS is a harsh and generally toxic chemical used in nearly 95% of high street shampoos and is used as a cheap foaming agent. Studies have shown that SLS can leave skin rough and pitted, and can strip the hair of essential oils, leaving hair weak and brittle. Those who are suffering from thinning or receding hair are generally advised to avoid this ingredient, as it may contribute to or worsen the condition. Remember, before you choose any hair loss treatment you need r professional medical advice. Do not make assumptions that all the hair loss treatments work. Hair Growth Product Tips Hair Thinning Treatments