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Many people may think that in today's digital age with computers and other devices storing so much information that the use of paper is decreasing. Well, apparently that is not the case. We are still destroying rainforests at an unprecedented rate, not only for the timber, but also to make space for farming. It really is quite sad that mankind is destroying such a valuable resource, but it appears that we will not learn our lesson until it is too late. What can we do? People need to eat, and the ever-growing world population thinks it is more important than a few endangered animals or stupid trees. People need to learn, by going to school and reading books. It is quite ironic that we appear to need paper books to educate our children about how not to waste resources and damage the environment. Paper recycling is something that has been going on for years, but maybe not always for the right reasons. For example, we don't want to waste paper because it costs us money, not because recycling is beneficial, or at least less harmful, to the world. Nowadays, so many businesses still insist on every document, even in-house memos, being printed on a fresh piece of paper, then that document is considered confidential and cannot be recycled or thrown out. The next logical step for these firms is to find reputable recycling companies who will come and collect the paperwork and not only destroy the information, but also do its utmost to put the recycled paper to good use. Responsible households, schools, administrations and companies just need a little common sense to put into action some logical and caring policies for their paper use, by doing so, they can at least slow down the destruction of valuable rainforest timber and be reassured that the information on their documents are being destroyed properly. We are all guilty. Yes, many of us will try to reuse a piece of paper and have our own reasons for doing so, but when we need to fill out an important form or write a special letter we always opt for a clean sheet, and are then happy to just grab yet another clean sheet after the first mistake. I hope, for all our sakes, and for the sake of the environment, that these words I am writing now will not end up being printed on a piece of paper, unless it is recycled. Every little bit of paper recycling helps, but I believe that if we live our lives by strict enough principles, we can set an example to others. I'm not trying to fool anyone; saving one piece of paper won't make any difference. But if someone sees us doing it and adopts the same principles, then that can have a knock-on effect and make a big difference.