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Whether you are an eco-warrior or a money-wise person, solar energy has come of age. Since the time that the government has introduced the Feed-in-tariff, installing solar panels is a great way to contribute to the green cause as well as earn an attractive return - better than putting money in a bank. Companies offering Solar Panel installations are setting up in towns and cities and Caregreen Sussex is one such company offering Solar Panels in Sussex.

The electricity price increases have been outpacing the already high inflation. You see it in the electricity bills and when you go shopping. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the average household electricity bill has gone by 58%, just in the last 4 years.

Due to the popularity of the photo-voltaic solar panels and also improved technology, the costs of solar panels has reduced dramatically. Solar PV in Sussex is now available through Caregreen Sussex. The Feed-in-tariff scheme pays the homeowner for every unit of electricity generated. The solar panels generate electricity based on light rather than heat.

The panels are optimized to the UK's weather conditions.

The solar panels are most effective when they are facing south at 30 degrees inclination. West and east facing are also suitable for solar panels. A typical 3 bedroom home with a south-facing roof, would need an investment of about �� 10,000 and you would be earning a tax-free income of �� 800 per annum. What does this mean to you?

? An average household installing 4 kwp will see an income of �� 800 per annum ? The payback period is about 10 years ? The return on investment is about 10% ? Low setup cost and no maintenance cost ? Like any other home improvement measure, installing solar panels will enhance property value.

Additionally, many boat owners are seizing the opportunity to run their boats efficiently and effectively��..just like they run their businesses using Solar on Boats.Caregreen Sussex are MCS Certified experts in the Solar Power Industry offering "plug and play" solar systems and Solar Panels in Sussex that will suit your specific needs. Go to of simply call us on uk 07773611468 for your Free Quote.