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12 drinking water from contamination that may threaten the safety of water supply, environmental protection competent department shall order the enterprises or institutions to take to stop or reduce the discharge of water pollutants and other measures. 63rd The State Council and provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities under the water, environmental protection requirements, may provide the drinking water source protection zones, to prohibit or restrict the use of phosphorus-containing detergents, fertilizers, pesticides, and restrictions on planting and breeding other measures. The 64th People's Government above the county level can be water scenic spots, major fishery water bodies and other special economic or cultural value of water bodies designated protected areas, and to take measures to ensure water quality protection area for use under the Water Environment quality standards. 65th amended, in the scenic area of water, important fishery water bodies and other special economic or cultural value of water protection zone, no new outfall. New protected areas in the vicinity of sewage outlets, should ensure that protected areas, water bodies from pollution. Disposal of water pollution accidents Chapter 66th All levels of governments and relevant departments, possible water pollution accidents in enterprises and institutions shall be in accordance with "The People's Republic of China Emergency Response Law" requirement, make sudden water pollution accident emergency preparedness , emergency treatment and post-restoration work. 67th of potential water pollution accidents occurred enterprises and institutions, should develop contingency plans for the water pollution accident, emergency preparedness, and regular exercise. Production and storage of dangerous chemicals, enterprises and institutions shall take measures to prevent the processing Safety Produced during the accident could seriously polluted water fire water, waste water directly into water bodies. 68th Any enterprise or institution of an accident or other unexpected event has caused or may cause water pollution accident, shall immediately start the unit's emergency plan, to take emergency measures, and above the county level of accident local people's government or the competent environmental protection department. After receiving the report, environmental protection departments shall promptly report to the government level, and copied to the relevant departments. Fishery pollution accidents caused by water pollution or fishing vessel accident, the accident occurred shall be to the fisheries department report, investigation and treatment. Other ship water pollution accident, the accident occurred shall be to the maritime administration, investigation and treatment; damage to fisheries, marine fisheries management agency shall notify the competent authorities involved in the investigation and handling. Chapter VII liability 19 environmental protection authorities in accordance with provisions of this Law or other exercise of supervision and management departments, not by law or administrative license or an approval document, find violations, or after receiving the report of the violations are not investigated , or other duties under this Law does not act, the directly responsible person in charge and other directly responsible persons shall be punished. Seventh 10 refused or other environmental protection departments shall exercise supervision and management according to law the right of supervision and inspection department, or fraudulent acceptance of supervision and inspection by the environmental protection departments above the county level or other in accordance with law to exercise supervision and management department shall order correction, a fine more than 100,000 yuan 10,000 yuan shall be imposed. violation of this law, water pollution control facility construction projects not completed, failed the inspection in the main project into production or used by the environmental protection departments above the county level shall order to stop production or use, until the acceptance, Office 50 thousand yuan shall be imposed for more than 500,000 yuan.

72nd in violation of provisions of this Law, one of the following acts by the environmental protection departments above the county level shall order rectification; The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as China ide power cable , marine cables, and more. For more , please visit marine cables today!