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At some point in our lives, there will come a time when we need to visit an eye doctor to have an eye exam. If you think that eye exams are only necessary for those who need glasses or lenses, then you are very wrong. Eye exam is not just designed for people who need to replace contact lenses or eyeglasses; it is also designed to monitor your vision and impending eye problems. Eye exam includes regular, comprehensive and eye glasses or contact lenses exams. Regular eye exams aim to detect vision problems, eye diseases, and general eye health issues. With this, the eye doctor will be able to inform you if you have any vision-related diseases. Vision screening or eye chart test is one eye tests use to examine the eyes; it is a simple exam designed to detect blurring and muscle coordination problems. In this test, the patient is required to read the eye chart with both eyes uncovered first and then each eye covered. The downside is that this test is not able to identify the overall situation of your eyesight. The comprehensive eye exam on the other hand, covers what a vision screening cannot. It checks eye diseases and other problems that could lead to vision loss. If the eye exam Indianapolis procedure is completed, your Indiana eye doctor will discuss an overview of the result and explain the stage your eyesight is currently in. The doctor will also provide treatment options which may include a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, surgery or medications. If the eye exam Indianapolis result will require the use of eyeglasses, the eye doctor will give you another eye exam to diagnose the stage of your eye. He will perform a Retinoscopy, an exam where the doctor will provide you with a point to stare at in a dark room and then the doctor will shine a light in the eye; and how the light bounces off the eye is a determining factor in the strength of your eyeglass prescription will be. Another eye exam for eyeglasses is the Refraction test where the doctor flips lenses in a mask device to different strengths in order to determine whether one has nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. The doctor will then pass you along to eye techs so they can fit you for eyeglass frames and lenses. Eye exams Indianapolis procedures are considered to be one of the best, most comprehensive eye exams available in the area. They are complete with high tech equipment, extensive eyeglass frames to choose from, and south central Indiana hospitality in a family-friendly atmosphere. They also offer competitive pricing with other optical and eye doctors for their eyeglasses and contact lenses.