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Flowers are meaningful for many people. A person most likely has a memory or an experience that involves flowers, whether it's receiving flowers on a special occasion or giving flowers to a loved one as a gift. Flowers are also known for their varied meanings, which are usually related to the situations where they're used. Flowers are primarily used as decorative items. Flowers are usually arranged in bunches using pots and vases and placed in various areas. Wedding venues such as churches and reception halls, for instance, are usually decorated with flowers of different colors and types. Other places such as funeral homes also feature flower arrangements. For florists in Calgary, the meanings of flowers determine their uses. Carnations convey different meanings through their various colors. A red carnation signifies admiration, yellow carnations indicate contempt, white carnations are for pure love and luck, while pink carnations symbolize a mother's love. Pink carnations are usually given to mothers on Mother's Day; there's even a Christian legend stating that carnations first grew on the ground where Mary's tears fell as she watched Jesus carry the cross. Tulips are the third most popular flower variety and one of the most ordered flowers in Calgary shops. Red tulips symbolize love, and, in most Chinese homes, they are believed to invite luck. Pink tulips symbolize confidence, yellow tulips mean warmth and cheerful thoughts, orange tulips are for happiness and fascination, while a mixture of these colors means imagination and dreaminess. Orchids are highly valuable varieties of flowers in Calgary. They are said to represent wealth and beauty. Chinese people consider an orchid as an indication of refinement. The most popular Cattleya orchids symbolize mature charm, as these are often featured in a Mother's Day corsage. Moreover, pink orchids send a bold message of affection. The most popular flowers are the roses. Red roses symbolize true love, enduring passion, and fidelity. This is why red roses are usually presented during wedding proposals. White roses are symbols of purity and innocence. They also convey truth, reverence, and humility. According to florists in Calgary, white roses used in weddings mean new beginnings; when used in funerals, they mean remembrance.