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Except the bride groom, the first thing that you would notice about the bride if the bouquet that she carries in her hands while she walks down the aisle. The bride groom obviously would be tempted to look at the bride anyway. But the main point is that wedding flowers in the hand of the bride an extremely crucial yet an understated and underestimated part of the wedding. On the best and most awaited day of your life, it makes perfect sense that you give ample thought to each and every minute aspect of what goes in to your wedding. From the dress you wear, to the flowers you hold in your hand, all must be in perfect harmony and must blend in with the other preparations. Not only does the bride carry a bouquet in her hands, but also the groom, the relatives of the bride and the groom also carry them, either as their lapels or as corsages. Also, the importance of flowers does not end here. They are the most basic and most important part of the decorations of the church and the wedding venue. When, flowers are to be used at such large scale, it would be advisable that they be selected as per some theme. No matter how informal a wedding is supposed to be, the bouquet to be carried by the bride and her bridesmaid is always a matter of deep concern for every girl who is going to tie the nuptial knot. Generally, the brides voice their opinions on the basis of their favourite colour or their preferred flower or perhaps a colour that complements their wedding attire and does not clash with that of the grooms'. Also, it is of primary concern that the flowers in a brides hand must not steal the charm of the bride herself or her dress as that could be saddening for her as well. Generally, the most favoured choice when it comes to wedding flowers is roses. The range of colours of these roses could be diverse. They could be white, orange, pink, yellow or red. Other popular choices could be daisies, hebe and freesias. In case the bride is petite, she should not opt for too big a bouquet as it could easily overpower her. Also, the taller brides must look for slightly larger arrangements, either long or wide so that they could complement her in every possible way. The most disastrous mistake that brides often do while choosing their wedding bouquets is, opting for white flowers. They think that a bunch of white flowers would completely complement their white attire. This thought could turn out to be a nightmare because only when you keep two white shades together, you would realise that how contrastingly different their appearance could be. No two whites can perfectly blend into each other. but in case, you want white to be a part of the floral arrangement, make sure that you get your bouquet interspersed with other colours as well. Author is well-known florist in Mississauga known for providing fresh flowers at competitive rates. Follow the links to know more about author's flower shop in Mississauga.