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The thought of declaring bankruptcy is one that makes the skin of most consumers crawl. Bankruptcy is one of those taboo subjects that no one likes to think about or even talk about, but it happens. Most people don't get into a situation where they have to think about going bankrupt on purpose, rather it happens gradually. We take on more debt than we can afford or we lose our jobs or have a change in financial status and suddenly we are unable to pay. We are fielding phone call after phone call from creditors demanding payments. Every time we check the mail or answer the phone our anxiety levels go through the roof. This is where the thoughts of declaring bankruptcy come from and in many cases it is the best option. How do you know if filing bankruptcy is the best option for you? There are a few key indicators that will help you determine if bankruptcy is the best option or if you should explore others first: 1. You are unable to make minimum payments for three or more months. 2. You have tried credit counseling and you still cannot afford minimum payments. 3. Your creditors will not negotiate with you to help make payments more affordable. 4. The payments that you are unable to make are unsecured debts for items such as credit cards, store credit, and debts owed to banks. 5. There is no indication that your financial situation will change in the next three to six months, allowing for you to catch up on payments. If these five indicators apply to you, bankruptcy may be the best option for you. You should not take this situation lightly as bankruptcy is one a quick fix. It is a process that takes both time and money and it is a decision that will follow you around for some time on your credit report. Most creditors in the future will frown upon your going bankrupt, making it more difficult for you to obtain credit even when you need it to buy a house or a car. In the future you may have to put forth large down payments to make creditors feel secure with your previous bankruptcy claim. That being said, bankruptcy lawyers can help you get through the process and also help you understand your rights under the law. Bankruptcy trustees will help ensure that the bankruptcy process is as smooth and causes the least amount of stress possible. If you have determined that bankruptcy really is the best option for you, it will be your lawyer that helps guide you through the uncharted waters of bankruptcy and understand what is required of you, and how it will affect you in the future. Filing bankruptcy is a difficult decision but in some cases it really is the best option. Before you file, ensure that you have gone through credit counselling and talked to bankruptcy lawyers so you really understand what lies ahead. You can't take bankruptcy back, so it's important you go in knowing what it entails. Declaring bankruptcy is not easy having proper knowledge and advice from bankruptcy lawyers is very important. Follow the links to contact highly experienced lawyers in BC.