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beijing tour for details. ">Beijing front door has a Chinese and foreign famous son -- six will dwell cir.The six will dwell is a time-honored, from now have opened to NianTouEr!Reportedly, shanxi manager again is open industry from jiajing of the Ming dynasty.Six will dwell precursor toward north is west, when there's a riverside three house garden.YanHao strict prime minister's house have a chef often to vegetable garden, by buying things, cir area YanHao he introduces, problems to face son cir - six will dwell. Six will dwell now hang this bian is fake, so really where to go?Legend, emperor kangxi years six will dwell with a fire cir for the true plaque, burned. In early, the son, and salt store cir almighty apprentice write legible hand, that is the heaven standing open practice leroy list.Late one hour after a long time the door manager again let apprentice learned, is open shrewd lady. She can cook the dish practiced writing form, how many years time, and this is the old tradition, so leave cir, salt, the disciple mostly can write store legible hand.A YanHao questions are like the apprentice: six will face in this.So every day falls, he took the broom side sweeping aside: six will dwell, intimating six will dwell;Word or six will dwell at night.Every day, every month so, thus, empathetic! This plaque such a burn, club anxious la: "bad now, this is YanHao written, we could not write a wow."Apprentice said: "this is ok, I have written like there, you see."He put the word out to practice his a look, club bonus: "hey! Yes, you come to a piece of it."So, now the plaque is the apprentice write.Not only that, the north wall that six will dwell three words from the plaque, but also on the extension down.This a few word write these ciassic powerful, look that "will" word, among a pen generally written all one iota son, the somebody else is a GangZi, straight insert, and then pen within special mention it, stronger. YanHao wrote a good word why still not respected yet?This is because he's the delay's all - he's a crafty phase! For taking tours of Beijing and China, please visit beijing tour for details.