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Let us face reality when it comes to advertising for small businesses, things have changed dramatically. Not only are newspaper ads, yellow pages ads, ads and direct mail and inserts no longer work, they quickly become obsolete. And there are things the Internet has changed. Using technology to extend the reach of customers faster than anyone had imagined, the small business owner is found not just left, but fully aware of the best methods of advertising available. So what happens? Apart from the obvious state of the economy in the U.S., what happens? People spend money somewhere, but why do not you come in the window at the speed that you lived in the past? Why? There are a few reasons come to mind: First of all, clear, few people use newspapers and Yellow Pages anymore. People are not driving around so much looking for a business that in the past (GPS) People are searching online for local businesses to sponsor. (Almost 30% of all U.S. searches are for local businesses) Smartphone's are the fastest growing used to find the net. Public (all ages) are skilled and mobile. More and more people use search engines to find everything they need rather than the old way. Tools such as Google Local, Google Maps and others are making it easier for companies to address the market for local search. Today, having a website does not guarantee that the business can be found when customers are looking for local businesses. With so much research is now smart phones, there are two main tools businesses should use to ensure they are found by local search. Mobile Websites Google Local Mobile Websites enable companies to find via Smartphone. Our site has been specially designed for Smartphone users to easily find information on business information and review on the ground, making a search very friendly. Also, if you're not in Google Local, not found. Google Local offers a memory card of the company is being sought with a description and a link to business information. With this information, the client can connect your GPS information as possible (especially on your phone) or use the map that accompanies the list to go directly to the property found on your Smartphone. Here is the point. We live in a very rapid growth, the world of high technology. Whatever type of business you run, you must purchase in new methods of your customers use to find your business. You must compete with other people who are on board with technology. The beauty is, can be implemented and maintained these tools for much less than the old tools. For the cost of a newspaper ad for a week, you should be able to hire a management company to manage your media site Google Local Mobile, Smartphone App and much more in 6 months. Why not climb aboard?