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Orlando is, undoubtedly, one of the best tourist cities in the United States. It offers everything from dazzling shows to wholesome and exciting theme parks. The city in central Florida employs hundreds and thousands of personnel in the tourism and hospitality industry alone. It also relies on their visitors and tourists for the major bulk of its revenue. So, why is it that Orlando has such impressive characteristics as a tourist spot? Well, the first and obvious answer would be the many theme parks that reside in the area. Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios combined probably make up for an impressive visiting list every year! But, other than those, perhaps the biggest factor why Orlando is so famous for its tourism is the undeniable service of their accommodation establishments, like the Orlando vacation hotel and the Disney Vacation hotel. These are just two examples of the different types of accommodations available to the Orlando vacationer. So, what other types are there? There are also villas, like the Kissimmee vacation hotels. These are ideal for larger groups and large families. Why? Because these villas offer full amenities of a luxury home - everything you'll need in a state of the art kitchen, a large private swimming pool, private security, fully furnished and designed homey rooms. In short, these villas have the works! In addition, they are also very affordable given that they accommodate a lot of people at the same time. They are also advantageous to those who want to rest up right before and after visiting all the gigantic theme parks. So, in a sense, they are very much well designed for the Orlando vacationers who travel in large groups! The Orlando Vacation hotel is good for families that want to enjoy that perfect sense of privacy. They enjoy the great service that is only given by the trademark hospitality personnel of Orlando! Like the villas, they have fully furnished kitchens, but because of a little thing called room service, it is a bit more convenient. The same goes for the Disney Orlando hotel to those who want to be close to Mickey and the gang. Either way, you are either only 5 minutes walk away from a theme park, or a 5 minute shuttle service drive away from a theme park. Another type of accommodations is the Kissimmee accommodations. Kissimmee is convenient, because of how close they are as compared to other vacation hotels. They come in villas and hotels, such as the other accommodations that have been mentioned. And, just like Orlando, they offer the same service that is only unique to the city's make-up. All in all, these types of accommodations suit the Orlando vacationer very well, because of the exceptional service that they promise. Remember that the tourism industry of the city has been around for quite some time and they are experts at giving the best service possible. The industry is too precious for them, so they take it as seriously as possible - And that is why their accommodations are top-notch!