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Vacuum bag, often called nylon bag. This program features a very good anti-static function, a good effect of vacuum, excellent moisture-proof operation etc. The following we tend to primarily discuss the kinds of vacuum bags. Depending on the use, it might be split into many forms. Some are accustomed to package foodstuff, some are widely-used in the vacuum cleaner, the latter 1 is generally built from one impressive substance, for instance the glass fibre that may filtering the dust and also the bacteria correctly. And a few have the experience of package every day necessity for example clothing, pillow, and bed sheets. Per its content, there are many styles. One type is called PET + PE. Oahu is the most regular material used to produce vacuum bags. It has large adhesion and transparency. An alternative name of it is high-strength blend film. The pitfall with its that it's a little clean. A different sort subject matter known as MOPE. It is sometimes found in the supermarket. On the other hand, bags of the material has not great adhesion which is simple and easy to trickle. It is not really useful to obtain. Not long ago, the best material used in vacuum bags is definitely PA + PE. Bags of your content provides better versatility, adhesion and is not useful to drip. Moreover, it really is user-friendly and sturdy. Nevertheless it expenses relatively higher in comparison to other materials. Moreover, we can additionally differentiate the bags to the stylobate of size. Normally, there are many frequent sizes as followed. Each one has their own programs. 130 * 90cm vacuum bags tend to be for quilts of in excess of 2 metres thicker; 120 * 80cm vacuum bags will be for 2 thicker linens; 110 * 70cm machine bags are for just two sheets; 98 * 68cm vacuum hand bags will be for 2 habituel quilts; 86 * 55cm vacuum bags tend to be with regard to air-con quilts, covers, pillows, down outdoor jackets, etc; 80 * 56cm vacuum bags will be for 2 pillows, sweaters, etc; 50 * 60cm vacuum bags tend to be for a lot of components of thin jumper etcetera; 50 * 35cm vacuum bags are usually for the banal foodstuff like steak, vegetable and also the trash. Different vacuum bags possess distinct use. Hence, once you purchase the vacuum bags, you should consider that what you look for to make use of the bag to do, and whenever you would like to fill anything, how big is the object is another thing you should look at. Only have a clear purpose are you able to have a very good selection of the vacuum bags. To know more information about vacuum bag, please visit our website electrolux vacuum bags.