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Using eBay for a wholesale list is not a good idea. If you want to start your own business online then you need to find a wholesale list anywhere else but eBay. Why? Because lots of other people are selling the exact same list. Most of them are sold from as little as $1 and there are a number of reasons why. All Access
As we've already established, this wholesale list can be accessed by everybody and has, no doubt, been sold to plenty of people before you. An eBay suppliers list is open for everybody. Don't be taken in by the cheap price: it'll only end up being a waste of money. Bad Links
Most of the time, the wholesale list is full of bad links. If you were to try to find them online, most would lead you nowhere. Maybe they have moved or never actually existed. This is one of the main reasons they sell the list so cheaply: the leads are predominantly useless. Outdated Companies
If there are good links on your wholesale list, then you'll probably find that the information on the websites is seriously outdated. Addresses might be wrong or telephone numbers useless. The company may not even exist anymore. Untrustworthy Companies
Most companies on a bad eBay list aren't going to be trustworthy. For example, they may not have enough stock, (which is completely useless for your online business), shipping costs might be extremely high, they might decline sending you a sample, have bad customer service or the site might not supply the price of the products. You need to be very suspicious of such companies. Dropship Companies
The list may not be wholesalers but, in fact, dropshippers. Or even companies putting themselves forward as dropshippers. Unless you actually wanted dropshippers, then these businesses are useless to you. Middlemen
Instead of wholesalers, they could simply be middlemen. A tell tale sign for this is that they sell their product at a much higher price than that of wholesalers. If you were to buy products at an already inflated price, it would be much harder to sell your merchandise at a profit. Occasionally, such people even use their own stores to scam you out of money. Unreliable Wholesalers
If you're lucky enough to have actual wholesalers on th elist, the chances of them being trustworthy is very small. A good and legitimate company would not advertise themselves on a list sold over eBay.
In conclusion, make sure that you conduct your research properly before choosing a wholesaler. Even when you find a good wholesale list you need to find out as much as possible about the wholesaler before you start doing business with them.
A wholesale list is good way to find trustworthy wholesalers and eBay suppliers. Likewise, a dropshippers list can provide you with companies concerning this side of wholesale.