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The Kenyan elephant is the largest land mammal. It weighs approximately 4 to 10 tonnes depending on the age and healthy. They require great amounts of vegetation daily and can clear several tonnes of food per mature animal. They live in herds of up to several hundred animals. The group includes both male and female members and their young ones. The Kenyan elephants are purely herbivores. They thrive on vegetation. They need a lot of water too and can be seen traveling for many miles in search of water holes that they had visited in the past. In every group, there is the matriarch female who helps the group especially when traveling. This also happens to be the oldest member of the group. The Kenyan Elephant is very sensitive and has a very sharp memory. Elephants never forget. They are known to remember incidents that happened to them as calves. The herd is very close to each other and you will find them mourning the loss of a member. They also do take care of the orphaned calves by nursing them. A mature cow can give birth after every two and a half years to four years. Normally they give birth to a single calf though in very rare cases twins. The Kenyan elephant reached maturity at the age of thirteen and can give birth until they are about fifty years of age. Most live for up to seventy years. Elephants are peaceful animals though they are known to be very dangerous if they are threatened. Best Value for Money: We are the cr��me de la cr��me amongst East Africa's Tour Operators and Travel Agents, yet not your average safari company. Right Choice Safaris is your one stop source for tours across this vast safari destination combining the best accommodation facilities with world-class safari itineraries. Visit for more info.