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Have you ever found yourself wondering if a shower chair is a good investment or not? If so, then the best way for you to finally have the answer to that question and arrive at a decision as to whether or not you are going to buy a shower chair would be to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using one. You're in luck because this article is going to give you just what you need. The Advantages Let's take a look at the positive side of using shower chairs first. Perhaps the most obvious and certainly the most important advantage is that a shower chair offers safety to anyone who uses it. It has special side handles to assist the user in cleaning his legs and feet. It also has a backrest that prevents you from falling as you lean back in the chair. The wheeled models of shower chairs even have lock brakes that hold the chair in place while you bathe. A shower chair also allows you to bathe in private even when you temporarily or permanently suffer from limited mobility. This takes away the embarrassment of having to ask somebody else for assistance while you take a bath. Having someone watching you while you bathe or worse, bathing you himself, can take away much of your dignity. A shower chair can help you retain your dignity by allowing you to take a shower without someone else's assistance. The padded seat in some models of the shower chair is also a feature that you may want to take into consideration. It certainly adds to your comfort as you take a bath. It also helps you avoid back or butt pain as a result of remaining seated for too long. Another advantage is that shower chairs are made in a wide variety of designs. This makes it all the more certain that you'll find one that caters to your specific needs. There are shower chairs made for people with mobility issues, chairs that come with transfer benches for those whose bathrooms have a tub, and retractable chairs for those who want their shower chair permanently mounted to the bathroom wall. The Disadvantages Now, let's take a look at the drawbacks of buying and using a shower chair. When you talk about buying anything, cost is naturally an issue. And this issue is one of the major disadvantages of a shower chair. Prices can run up to more than a thousand pounds for these chairs. Of course, you can find equally good models at a much cheaper price if you know where to look and what to look for. Another drawback has something to do with the way a shower chair is manufactured. For example, some shower chairs that come with a transfer bench may require a bit of fiddling while executing the transfer from the chair into the tub. This can be a little uncomfortable and may come with the risk of falling. Of course, there are safety precautions you can take to minimize these drawbacks. Ed Delaney has used shower chairs. To see if shower chairs could help you shower in safety and to learn more