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Swing traders will do the same once they think the gap could be an exhaustion gap and they have to get positioned for a possible move in the opposite direction. They're going to enter a common gap after prices retrace and fill the gap, or after it's clear that it is a continuation or breakaway gap that will not fill that day and a multi-day trend is likely beginning.BE PREPARED. This looks simple, but always find out what day the stock you are trading has earnings. Many investors get involved in what they're doing and don't plan appropriately for announcements in the stocks they trade. For instance, since I trade GOOG is going to release earnings. You need to keep an eye on any other big bell weather stocks in the sector you are trading and if they can influence the movement of the stock you are in. You don't want to be in Yahoo if Google reports terrible earnings numbers. ENTER SLOWLY INTO THE TRADE. Based on how sure you are of your analysis, buy a percentage of the total number of shares you want to own. If you're convinced you've uncovered something the market is totally missing, go all in. If you're 50 percent sure in your analysis, then take half a position. You can add to these positions after earnings depending on how right you were.KNOW THE STOCKS THAT YOUR STOCK TRADES WITH. I love to trade stocks off of other stocks news. I generally never touch the ACTUAL stock that has earnings, but I trade other stocks in the sector that trade with it. For example, if First Solar, Inc. (FSLR) gaps up $20 on great earnings, you can guarantee that I am going to get long LDK Solar Co., Ltd. (LDK) and anything else solar I can get my hands on. It takes the bigger risk out of the trade. That's why I use the actual earnings play as a guage for the other stocks in that sector. Again, it takes the greater risk out of the equation.PLAY THE AFTER HOURS EARNINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS. An earnings surprise on stock which has not rallied significantly will lead to breakout next day. Most of the time I will enter in the morning and add to position later if the volume climbs above average volume. Many times such stocks will gap up 5 to 300% on day of earnings and still make further moves of 20 to several hundred percent in next 3 to 12 months. I look to capture such moves. Most of these breakouts will have minor pullback at best and just go up for 2 to 6 weeks before having a reaction.DON'T OVER ANALYZE NUMBERS. I have found myself numerous times considering why my stock had great numbers and wonderful guidance just to get crushed lower by the market. Always focus on how the market behaves to the earnings release. Should they wish to sell a stock, they will sell it. In basic terms. A lot of large market players utilize earnings whispers and press releases so as to take profits or unload a lot of stock. You will regularly see a stock run up into an announcement, beat estimates and top-line, but trade lower. Gustavo loves to spend the weekends studying trading options for trading the next full week. For the best stock trading aid visit: Stock Trading Gets Wild As We Go Deeper Into Corporate Earnings Season