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How will the movable terminal develop in the future? Will more and more new products or the integrated device come out? In the short term, the direction has not been defined. Intel has made the embedded chip as the next market with one billion US dollars. Its president in China area has described the living and working style in the future. The personal computer will access different kinds of computing device with the state of server. The portable movable terminal, large screen, television and car computer will be connected with internet, which will change people's life. The movable terminal products include the laptop computer, tablet computer, smart phone, E-Book, PS3, electronic stylus and so on. The electronic stylus, which is released by N-Trig, is very popular currently. This electronic stylus can perceive the velocity and style of writing, having the different handwriting and Label. This device not only has the function to select and delete document, but also has the computing function. Of course, this electronic stylus is just a primary production. Apart from this production, the colored epaper is another highlight. The colored epaper may break up the monopoly of white and black paper. The epaper is visible in the sun, and it is updated quickly. More and more customers will choose this new paper. The tradition computer manufacturers also can find the new industrious hotspot. Acer has exhibited its tablet computer in America. The tablet computers, which can be connected with keyboard or have dual view, become customers' new choice. Even the large-scale manufacturers of telecommunication facilities can find the opportunities. It is predicated that the users of mobile broadband will be more than two billion, among which the new users is 1.6 billion. The future mode of the mobile broadband has three directions, namely, personalization, community and users create content. The new smart terminal, which is represented by iPhone, becomes the center of movable network. Moreover, the movable device with double payment becomes a new trend. The related integrated circuit is KTD2161.