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Most people though they are into fitness regimes have probably neither experienced nor attempted a jump rope workout. You probably do not remember the last time you jumped a rope, because it is very likely to have been in elementary school or junior high. It is actually saddening to see that such an efficient form of exercise passes unnoticed. You can find many people who can walk easily for 15 minutes but cannot jump rope for the same amount of time. The odds of finding a person who can do so are one against hundred. None other than professional boxers have tried using the jump rope to achieve top fitness condition. It is a known fact that several muscle groups exist in the body and differ in texture and the kind of exercise they demand. But, the jump rope is nothing less than an invincible magic potion that works out every muscle in the body, while also exposing your problem areas and the need for working upon them. Following the first workout on the jump rope, you are likely to be sore in several areas of your body, usually the calf muscles and the abs. Jump rope exercising is the best way to ensure super strong abs, as the abs are the primary working muscles as you throw yourself up across the rope through the air. Jumping rope helps to a great extent in burning down excess fat in the body by enabling a release of fat burning hormones. For instance, a natural fat burning hormone called HGH is released each time you finish a jump rope workout, which cannot be accomplished by any number of pills, how much ever they are advertised for. This is considered by some the fastest way to burn body fat. Mild cardio exercises of a low intensity cannot accomplish this as they cannot stimulate the release of HGH, which is done by high intensity interval cardio exercises, the best of which is jump rope. It is quite natural a reaction for most of us to start off right away and purchase a jump rope, but for the best results, enthusiasm should be dressed with a hint of caution. Buying just any jump rope is worse than no jump rope which doesn't guarantee results on top of presenting a risk of injury. Speed ropes, that cost around 15$ are the most recommended ropes, which essentially are beadless and made of plastic. Adjustable ropes are considered better any day than weighted ropes for the advantages they offer in terms of flexible height. Care must also be taken that the rope is not too long, thus preventing swift jumping. Once you've bought the jump rope, the process of installation is going to be very easy. All that you need to do is set the jump rope on the ground, stand on the mid point of the rope and pull the handles up to your chest, while grabbing them firmly. The rope has to be adjusted at a height about 6 inches below the collar bone, for optimum comfort. Looking for online shop to buy all gym equipment's and products at discounted rates? Follow the links to author's online sporting goods shop for excellent deals on sport goods.