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Fireplaces are a delightful feature to any house and any room. They can often be used as necessities or decorative purposes. Whatever purpose a buyer may have for having a fireplace, a fireplace screen is an incredibly important addition - particularly for safety reasons. No matter the season, Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer, having a fireplace helps to set a mood - be it romantic, comforting, or an actual source of heat. When burning logs within the fireplace, extreme caution should be used to prevent sparks from flying outside of the hearth, children and/or pets from falling into the fire, as well keeping items from accidentally falling into the fire, partially in and partially out, thus causing a much larger fire than what was anticipated. By purchasing a suitable fireplace screen, these, and so many other accidents, can be greatly reduced and eliminated. Screens for fireplaces are widely available in many styles, sizes and designs to fit every budget range and decorative desire. Simple to elegant, fireplace screens can be a work of art and a main focal point to any room. From three paneled decorative screens, to three paneled scrolled designed metal screens, the choices are vast and plenty. Decorative screens for fireplaces have beautiful prints printed as lithographs and laminated upon 3/8 mdf, to provide, not only gorgeous beauty, but effective safety. When selecting fireplace screens, it is incredibly important to look for a high quality and a well-made product. Whether for yourself, or as a gift, fireplace screens are meant for safety first and decorative purposes second. Without a screen, sparks from the fire can easily pop out from the confines of the hearth, landing on skin, nearby papers, carpet, or numerous other materials, which in turn can lead to a devastating fire and painful injuries. In addition, if there are children or pets within the room, running, playing or simply tripping into the fire is always a concern. Screens for fireplaces lend a barrier to all of these issues and will help to eliminate, or at least greatly ease, these concerns. It is also for these reasons that when purchasing a fireplace screen, you want to be sure that the screen will cover the entire breadth of the hearth without leaving wide gaps, as well as a suitable height to provide an adequate covering. With the high cost of heating, being able to have a fireplace and using it as a main source of heat is incredibly cost effective and desirable from many perspectives. Many times the issues of safety is the only thing holding fireplace owners back from utilizing the complete effectiveness of their fireplace. That concern can easily be elevated with superior screens designed just for fireplaces and lending protectiveness to home and family without the cost of budget-friendly warmth and comfort. When not in use, fireplace screens can easily be folded and stored off to the side, if desired. However, many times the screen is beautiful enough to want to leave out as part of the room's decorative atmosphere. There is that flexibility to keep in mind, however. Warmth and comfort is enjoyable and easy to safely obtain simply by using fireplace screens. These screens provide beauty and safety in one perfect package.