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Love, compassion and a strong bond is symbolized best in that special ornament we'd love to flaunt called a ring. Be it a gold ring or one that has been specially crafted in diamond, a ring does emanate a deep meaning in itself. Though mankind's inventions of ornaments has become more elaborate and much more appealing, the essence in gold rings and diamond rings has never been altered; and that's for a good reason. Gold wedding rings(guld vielsesring) not only signify true love for loved ones, but also shows of the high respect that the presenter has for the receiver, as gold in itself symbolizes royalty and richness. The property of gold to not tarnish with the passage of time also symbolizes an undying love for someone which neither distance nor time can ever break. Diamond rings too carry with them a great sense of value and royalty and as the saying goes, "A diamond can truly make a woman feel special." Diamond rings are most often gifted by a man when he proposes either an engagement or a marriage to the woman he is deeply in love with.
As diamond rings (in Danish solitaire diamantringe) come in various shapes and sizes, they are also designed to best suit a recipient's persona. For example, a trilogy ring, which has three diamonds set horizontally in a row symbolizes the past, present and future. And can is best suited for a marriage proposal to a woman who values and cherishes her past, enjoys her present and lastly who anticipates the arrival of a bright future. Diamond brands boast of an exquisite collection for buyers to be spoilt for choice. With an array of rings having different cuts, clarity, colour and size; buyers are often required to give immense thought and time in choosing just the right ring. Whether it's a gold ring or a diamond ring, presenting a loved one the most beautiful ornament can certainly trigger an unforgettable and unmatched overwhelming sense of joy for both partners. Both gold rings as well as diamond rings are precious gifts more than ornaments to flaunt, and the purity of love associated with both, resonates the same meaning across cultures. A diamond may mean forever, and gold a royal symbol of greatness, but these two are but by-products of something even more precious, and that's love. However, that love cannot be vividly displayed without the act of giving and doing so with glitz.