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Air conditioning, color TV, washing machine, are all large families, before the update because all kinds of home appliances slow, the number of prototypes are not many, there are few sample sales; As technology advances, home appliance product updates updating cycle is getting shorter, coupled with increasingly fierce competition in the home appliance brands, more and more types of prototype. Market: manufacturers lose money earned crying Approaching Spring Festival, many stores have huh a prototype appliance sales, large fridge, TV, washing machine, small fans, electric stove, complete category to display the time in between 3 months to six months, the price was so low imaginable, nearly million LCD TVs sold at prices lower than the Wu Zhe, nearly million of foreign brands sold only 8,000 of the open refrigerator, the original price more than 5400 yuan without detergent washing machine for just 3,000 yuan, and some household appliances and even low to one or two fold. Appliance prototype low prices to attract the consumer's "eye." Industry, the prototype of most home appliances retailer selling organization, on the one hand empty the appliance placement, in order to meet the next stage of new product to market; the other hand, is "losing money earned crying," to ultra low prices to attract consumers, increase the popularity for the store. Consumers: pre-holiday may wish to Taobao Prototype low price attracts quite a few "eye", an age of larger old man told reporters: "We save a life, buy a prototype is to plan a cheap, do not want to spend too much money, is the appearance of some prototype wear, the internal parts have very little problem, does not affect. "Qinjianchijia sample sales for the elderly to vote on the vote. 's A friend, buy a prototype single Xiao Yang feel very cost-effective, he said, refrigerators, washing machines, home appliances such as all kind of a long service life, purchase a single prototype is a temporary emergency transition married after a certain but also new ones, the prototype does not do the unfortunate. Also some consumers with mental buy Taobao prototype. Mr. Wang told reporters recently retired: "I'm fine on a turn to the appliance store, chances are able to Amoy to the cheap discount prototype. Do not think that the prototype is a special sale of defective products, second-hand goods, some key prototype The foil does not tear, or even never even used electricity, which is not as good as new it? cheaper price, look to see really can get a lot of benefits. " But some of the negative attitude to buy prototype: "prototype store has been open, do not know what place the long, how can we ensure that its quality? Life will not suffer it? Only buy new. " Reporter also found that prototype Bargain indeed there are some things to watch for problems. Some stores selling prototype with a lot of the time constraints, such as problems arise not enjoy "three guarantees", but only guarantee for maintenance. In addition, some sample sales, the stores generally do not indicate how long prototype placed, and in the end there is no electricity used and other issues. Then, prototype sales worth in the end it was shot? Purchase prototype should be noted that to? Expert: looking for a good time to buy more "aware" Insiders pointed out that, in order to get truly "affordable" in the prototype, choose the right time is critical. It is understood that sell home appliances store prototype for many reasons, some due to product replacement, while others are stores need to upgrade. Prototype display varying lengths of time, the price of concessions is not the same. According to a person in charge of household appliances store, refrigerator, washing machine in the store for more than 45 days showing the general sample handling should be to show the longer the greater the extent of its benefits. Example, can play more than two months, seven discount for each purchase and more than 180 days are likely to hit five or six fold. It is worth mentioning is that each end of the year, as part of prototype stores will focus on the one hand, help reduce the number of working days and speed up recovery of its investment; the other hand, new market for the coming year to allow adequate space. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as marine cables Manufacturer , xlpe armoured cable Manufacturer, and more. For more , please visit marine cables today!