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Part of the appliance should be configured in the renovation process, decorators damage to electrical appliances, home appliances business, or do not "spend a few" Troops and horses move, gateway leading. For new homes, people want to step in place, decoration, furniture, household appliances and complete, and then happily admitted. However, under normal circumstances, household appliances and decoration services provided by different businesses, the former decided for a long, dragged decoration; decoration not finishing, appliances delay difficult posts. Moreover, not all the best appliances in one step, have to consider many factors. First fixed location equipment Air conditioning most closely linked with the decoration. As the air-conditioning involves drilling, pipeline distribution, shelving, drainage and many other processes, some family-type central air conditioner in the ceiling of need to make an issue of, a natural way in front of the "fodder." In general, air conditioning pre-installation, owners should first determine the need to purchase the brand and model, and invited home appliances look professional environment of the scene, consider the split type of installation location, installation of drawings by the issue, the item budget, get your confirmation, together with the required hole size, pipe thickness, drainage direction, wire length and direction, to the decoration company based materials, adjusting the air-conditioning installation works involving part. "If you consider the lack of pre-decorated, re-adjusting air-drainage will lead to increased volume of installation, re-piping is not beautiful in the wall fabric, cloth in the walls need Zaoqiang affect the progress of the project." Installation he says. Professional decoration company and even home appliances will first ask for the owner to install programs. For duct machine, machine for smallpox, but also take into account the impact on the ceiling, the major problem is the hole. Split type is less demanding, mainly drainage and pipeline companies to have to coordinate with the decoration. In addition, like water heaters, kitchen appliances These appliances need to be prepared ahead, choose the right location, or move up after too annoying. It is noteworthy that pores may be different on different machines may not be suitable packed pipe fitting company, such as water interface, sockets, etc., the owner set the brand, model, the best illustration of size, design style and decoration company consultation, after all appliances are fashion, indoor environment with a good blend of the best. TV refrigerator, washing machine slowly Popular now complete configuration, the whole set of new home appliances are bought, together with the fitting advance and retreat. In fact, the truly rational approach is to facilitate the movement, such as color TV, refrigerator, washing machine when purchased at the arrival. TV, the main consideration is the space, select the rack or mounts on the appliance installer, is not a problem, will not have a major impact wall. Moreover TV prices more volatile, may decline in value of a few thousand dollars two months later, unlike air conditioners, kitchen electric price stability, or even prices, relative to postpone his purchase of the time is out of economic considerations. Refrigerator is mainly the power cord and interface problems easier to solve. The washing machine drain need to be so accurate, they can be simply resolved through consultation with the decoration company. A decoration company gain a foothold in home appliances, recommended to the owner to purchase home appliances. Head of a household electrical appliance stores, said the behavior of these decorators are common, but much more expensive price in order to make the difference. On the contrary, many appliance stores, such as sky blue, Suning, Gome Group buy other concessions are available, homeowners enjoy the convenience of maintenance services, affordable prices. Appliances "sick" Who is responsible for The owner on the wall of the appliance are on the wall, and the peg is also linked, but the workers continued hard decoration, household appliances maintenance of absolutely everything has to be, supervision to strict surveillance. "If the machine was damaged in the fitting process, we will not bear responsibility for warranty, scratches, small bumps can be settled through consultation with the decoration company." Appliance stores after sales staff have said.

To install a good air-conditioning, for example, wall decoration may not be complete, and some workers may not clear the pipeline of external exposed to bending force, displacement, destruction of pipelines, processing the trouble to find appliance sale, and this it is not uncommon. We are high quality suppliers, our products such as Computer?Cables?And?Connectors Manufacturer , HDMI Cable for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits Flexible?Flat?Cable.