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In managing a business it is important to understand if the business is making a profit and exactly how much profit there is. Usually a company had a business model and a profit model. Usually the business model will require a company to sell a product or service to meet its profit model. However, contrary to what you may believe sales may not necessarily mean profit because every company will have expenses that must be paid before a profit can be determined. Accounting provides the established guidelines and mathematical models to properly calculate profits and losses. All companies need accounting in order to run their business efficiently and effectively. A certified accountant can manage all of their expenditure and cash flow. Accountants are extremely beneficial in almost any business. This only means every business needs one. Accounting involves recording, summarizing and classifying all transactions of a certain company in a financial manner. Whether you like it or not, accounting is one thing you cannot dispense with in the world of business. It is a very important tool in determining where and how exactly your money is being spent. Also, it is most important in terms of taxes and other pecuniary obligations. Accounting is the art of maintaining the financial records. If an accountant chooses to record certain transactions at different times, for instance, sales in one month and expenses in another, the financial records will be different or in some cases incorrect. It is best to take accounting seriously from the start of your business. Even if you are a small organization, you will still have to pay taxes and report your earnings. Accountants can assist with the reporting by creating a simple system for you to track your profits and loss. provides a complete range of tax service and proven experience in business consulting, accounting companies and taxation nsw services.