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In order to resist the threat of global resources are depleted, the world's major multinational companies to invest in efforts to recycle and reuse in the development and application, and then reach the goal of saving resources and improving economic efficiency, can meet the growing demand for environmental protection goals. Currently, there are already many of these large multinational companies in this area have made remarkable achievements and become a new century, resource conservation and environmental protection in production and management ranks of the pioneer. Recently attended the ECFIC (Foreign Investment Enterprises Association of Investment Companies Working Committee) organized multinational corporations and the Chinese government and the media, environmental exchanges and visits ECFIC member companies???? Japan Fuji Xerox Corporation, Rhodia Inc. and Germany's Siemens and some other multinational companies in China found that the three large multinational companies with green features of the various production and operation. For example, Fuji Xerox will flow through a series of standards to the waste recycling printer / copier for resource recycling, on the drum parts powder component reuse, thus giving it a second life; and as a traditional Fine chemical companies, the French company Rhodia will be green as the starting point of product development, and strive to achieve eco-friendly chemical products both goals, but also has commercial and promotional; For an extensive portfolio of Germany's Siemens, the present for its environmental business accounts for about one-quarter of its total revenue, a strong forward support company growth. "We hope that by showing a number of member companies in the energy saving, clean production, resource use and more effective electronic waste recycling practices in the areas of mature and international advanced experience, promote Chinese enterprises in environmental protection so as to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, because the commercial behavior of these multinational corporations have far-reaching environmental significance. "ECFIC Guo-Hua Yang introduced the Secretary-General says the trip purposes. In Suzhou, Fuji Xerox's integrated resource circulatory system???? Love Bureau manufacturing company has a year to run. This is the Fuji Xerox in Japan and Thailand after the establishment of the third Asia-Pacific region resources recycling plant. The plant is different from the factory, the factory is not shipping the raw materials, but to the waste recycling Fuji Xerox products. Manufacturer Fuji Xerox Aike Yuji Otake, general manager told the reporter to the Waste Recycling printer / copier and drum powder components delivered to the factory, the workers will use the product database records of its inspection check the dismantling after passing through the workers by hand sorting, identification can be classified as 64 small class, which is divided into 64 species of sub parts can be recycled into raw materials and the need to handle the parts recycled. Parts can be recycled through the cleaning, drying, repair or re-spraying, through the quality inspection turned to "the same quality with the new" parts, thus allowing the recycling of resources. Non-recyclable components were reduced to raw materials, such as drum vacuum bunker in the way Feifen extracted, can be transported to the cement as a cement additive. After a year of operation, Fuji Xerox Suzhou plant to the recycling of scrap printers / copiers rate of recycling 96% waste drum powder components reached 99%. It is noteworthy that, Fuji Xerox Suzhou plant is not profitable at this stage, because the current products sold through distributors, recycling more difficult. Nevertheless, Fuji Xerox remains committed to the cause of environmental protection, Fuji Xerox (China) Vice President Chen Ken said, using the least resources to create new products, the new Fuji Xerox has always been the aim, but this recycling of resources recycling system in Japan, Thailand has proved to be effective, resource recycling plant in Japan, after 8 years of efforts, have achieved profitability. Chen Ken said that with the improved recycling system, and the recovery of the amount of increase, we look forward to the ultimate profit in China. That is, when the factory will give Fuji Xerox products can be used provided the value of parts and raw materials, logistics costs, and greater than the recovery of operating costs, plant costs. By then, people, Fuji Xerox's resources recycling concept in China is a further promote the commercialization of the economic foundation.

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