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This is a medium size laser pointer that works at 50 mw output and 405 nm of wavelength. Its technical specification makes it one of the best laser pointers in its class that gives out very bright violet color beams. This blue violet laser pointer is a must have for teachers and students as it is very useful in the field of education. It is based on the model of purple laser pointer but because purple color does not compliment the human eyes that well and people find it hazy sometimes therefore the rays of this laser pointer are violet in color. The rays are very stable and point towards the target with precision. This is one of the best qualities of this laser pointer. The wavelength of this laser pointer is 405 nm and therefore its reach is 10 - 10000 meters. It requires two batteries of AAA size and looking at their power of 3v its output capability is quite remarkable. Considering these entire features one can have an idea about the durability of this laser pointer. Its life is somewhere around 5000 hours but if used properly it can get extended by many more hours. Its outer body is quite good and has great polished finish. This gives it a very cool look. As it consumes less voltage therefore battery life is also on the higher side. It's a stylishly designed light weight laser pointer that can reach faraway object without deviating from its path. The working temperature for this laser pointer to get the desired result is 10 - 30 degree centigrade and when in stationary position it requires a temperature of 10 - 50 degree centigrade. This condition regarding temperature is important because laser rays carry heat with them and thus appropriate temperature will always benefit the laser pointer in working well for a long period of time. While working with this violet laser pointer people do need to take some pre cautionary measures too. Its rays should never be directly pointed towards the eyes as lasers can prove harmful for them. Children are also obsessed with laser pointers and while this laser pointer is in the hands of children a regular check must be maintained. This is a wonderful laser device that is very useful in daily life especially for professionals in different fields. Playing with them is also fun and enjoyment and at a price of $29.79 one can own this laser pointer that has all the essentials features regarding laser pointers.