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Alterations in the body and brain function will definitely occur when you take drugs. In the case of prescription medications, the results are nice. Any probable change in your life for bad or for good is the result of some addictive substances that may at times will also result to monstrous effects. The common drug labels such as chemical name, brand name and generic name are widely used in the market today. Drug names derived from chemical compounds is described chemical names while names being purchased and selected by the manufacturer is called brand name. The generic name refers to a common established name irrespective of its manufacturer. When you say chemical which are still being researched and is established on assignment to rules of nomenclature of chemical compounds then you are referring to chemical name. When used to depict psychedelic drugs, such as benzo fury, it refers to new drugs which haven't been thoroughly studied. When you formally studied or researched a chemical drug then this signifies some genuine benzo fury while for those some benzo fury, it never connotes good research or study. First hand reports are the usual basis for research drugs. Toxicology studies maybe the center for some genuine research drugs but does not imply 100% researched. Unlike well known drugs like ecstasy, which has been taken by millions of people over 20+ years, or marijuana which has been used by billions of people over millennia, research chemicals such as benzo fury are new and may only have been used by a few dozen people for a few months while the brand name is forever capitalized and is selected by the manufacturer. The name benzo fury was developed for the reason that benzofuran drug is containing the benzofuran molecular ring. The effects of benzo fury can be categorized with visual distortion due to rise of serotonin levels and low levels with dopamine and nor-adrenaline since benzo fury is a somewhat powerful psychedelic drug. Benzo fury chemical is specifically not intended for human consumption. When taking research drug such as benzo fury, one is walking into the unknown, and could be the unfortunate person to discover a benzo fury lethal dose. One could find oneself obsessed. Or, if one overdoses and ends up at the hospital, the doctors may only be able to guess at the appropriate course of treatment. Honest chemical supply companies may carry some benzo fury, although most of these companies require that customers provide credentials proving that they work for a research institution. When you are able to procure benzo fury from benzo fury companies with no strict compliance to their requirements then mainly it just means that you are not buying at the most credible company. Further, if these chemical companies permits these research drugs for human consumption then the company will not guarantee your safety because what matters to them is you and your money.