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(Ann Arbor, MI) - Avomeen Analytical Services today announced a partnership agreement with Chemical Testing industry veteran Dr. Shri Thanedar. Under the agreement, Dr. Thanedar will serve as the Chief Scientific Officer overseeing Avomeen's deformulation, and litigation support services. Dr. Thanedar is perhaps best known for pioneering commercial deformulation analysis of consumer and industrial products such as paints, inks, plastics, neutraceuticals, cosmetics and food additives. In the early 1980's, deformulation was largely practiced only in the research laboratories of large manufacturing companies. Deformulation analysis involves separation, identification and quantitation of ingredients in a complex formulation. Since this type of analysis requires sophisticated, high-cost instrumentation, few small businesses had access to a multi-million dollar laboratory capable of complex deformulation. Dr. Thanedar changed the industry in the late 1980's with the purchase of a small chemical analysis services company in St. Louis, Missouri, with annual revenues of $150,000. By offering contract deformulation services nationwide to both small and large companies, the company grew rapidly reaching nearly $60 million in revenues by 2008. One key to Thanedar's success came from the quality of his results. "Deformulation remains an art as well as a science," says Thanedar. "While high-tech software and instrumentation has made analytical testing increasingly automated, there is no substitute for in-depth custom analysis from Ph.D.-level scientists." At Avomeen Analytical Services, Dr. Thanedar hopes to further improve on his original scientific model by bringing together top talent and an entrepreneurial, problem-solving culture. Avomeen's initial focus will be to help solve failure analysis and contaminant identification challenges for manufacturing customers. Through deformulation analysis of samples of 'good' vs. 'bad' products, Avomeen's scientists can provide data for a root cause analysis helping engineers find and fix product defects. Avomeen also plans to capitalize of Dr. Thanedar's experience as an expert witness in patent infringement, personal injury and product defect cases. Dr. Thanedar has participated in dozens of depositions, testimonies and jury trials, and his experience in the preparation of expert reports will bolster Avomeen's litigation support services. Dr. Shri Thanedar received his Ph.D. from University of Akron, in 1982. He also did post-doctoral work at the University of Michigan before moving to St. Louis in 1984, where he worked as a researcher at Petrolite Corp. and later completed his MBA. About Avomeen Analytical Services : Avomeen Analytical Services is a fast-growing chemical testing laboratory headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Avomeen specializes in custom deformulation analysis of products for failure analysis, contaminant identification, product development, and patent litigation cases. 1-800-930-5450.